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Advantages of translation services

If your company currently serves (or intends to provide) customers who speak multiple languages using some type of translation into a language is essential to ensure sustainable growth. What else is there? hiring native speakers to create what’s essentially two versions of the current departments (marketing, sales, customer service, etc.) in each of the languages. It’s not difficult to understand the reasons why this method isn’t feasible nor doable.

The highest-quality, technologically-powered language translation services allow your company to maximize the impact, reach, and revenue-generating potential of communications in a variety of languages and geographical regions. Check out the following four reasons you should not wait to begin using top-quality translating agencies.

Global growth is accelerating

In the last decade it has seen an exponential increase in the amount of companies making use of technology to boost the pace of global development. Artificial Intelligence has been an important driver in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as some have dubbed it. The World Economic Forum says “has the potential to increase the level of income in the world and enhance the standard of living for people around the globe.” Technologies such as AI can do this through enabling unprecedented improvements in efficiency, productivity and accessibility to information in an unprecedented rate.

In the same way, machines have transformed the language industry from an operational issue into a growth factor. Modern language translation services for businesses built on this technology offer an efficient way to operate the language more effectively and at scale. If you’re looking to grow your company, AI can help your company reap the advantages of globalization like a bigger client base and a more extensive talent pool.

More precise website content

After you’ve made the choice to expand your reach and expand the number of languages that your business serves it is important to think about translating your content in a way that it conveys the same branding message, but feels like it was specifically written for the specific area.

An example that isn’t digital is Coca Cola’s infamous “share coke” campaign, in which the beverage giant printed their first names on bottles that were designed for various regions of the world. In China the country where it’s considered inappropriate to address people by their first names, Coca Cola showcased cultural consideration with affectionate nicknames like “close friends” as well as “classmate.”

The process of adapting content for specific audiences, dialects and preferences in the culture is referred to as localization. The 2021 Unbabel LangOps Survey, we discovered that translation of website content is the top goal for 42% of localization teams.

Since this kind of content is static and can be subject to changes or additions every few months These translation projects aren’t typically time-sensitive. Because websites are translated only once and are then seen by millions or thousands of users over a period of years, they need to be of the best quality that is compatible with your company’s distinctive style and tone.

The process typically involves more human involvement than other kinds of technology-enabled language translation. For instance, if you have a frequently-asked question (FAQ) page that is translated by Unbabel The content is translated first by AI and then reviewed by a team of editors from humans, and then a senior editor reviews it for accuracy. thorough review to guarantee its accuracy and authenticity.

Improved customer service

Another area in which language translation services can offer an advantage is in customer service. Like website content Quality is of most crucial importance in this case in the 2021 Global Multilingual CX Report of more than 2700 customers from around the world 92% of respondents stated that bad customer service, even in their own language can affect their loyalty and trust in the brand.

Alongside accuracy and cultural nuance, customers appreciate speed in customer service communication. The survey on customer experience also revealed that nearly half of respondents believe that rapid response times the top priority for customer service (47 percent) and then speedy resolution times (46 percent).

Professional translation solutions and services run all the way from machines-only (such such as Google Translate) to human-only (such as an agency for translation). Machine-only solutions are speedy however, they’re not always reliable Human-only alternatives are accurate however they can be costly as well as time-consuming and difficult to expand. Can you get the most efficient of both?

With an AI-powered, human-refined , and human-powered translation solution, you are able to. Unbabel allows you to rapidly begin servicing new languages and boost agent productivity without the need to employ more staff or incur huge expenses. Our AI-powered customer service solution can also help teams handle unexpected surges in demand from customers while maintaining or increasing the most important metrics.

Unified customer experience

In order to build customers’ loyalty around the world offering a consistent and excellent user experience (CX) by providing translation is crucial. Indeed, research by PwC found that one in three consumers worldwide say that they are likely to leave the brand they like following just one negative experience.

Human-in-the-loop AI like Unbabel can help organizations cost-effectively offer customers a single personal CX regardless of the language they use. For example, we assisted Panasonic’s European customer service team overcome language barriers and contextual differences , while also reducing the costs of offering assistance across five different languages by 60 percent. The combination between human and AI translation will ensure that all your employees communicate in the same language, the language spoken by the customer.

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