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Key Benefits of Call Forwarding

If you’re using a virtual answering service or you are trying to manage receptionist tasks in-house calling forwarding is an important element of your communication strategy.

With call forwarding set up personnel from offsite teams such as sales personnel and executives can receive calls no matter where they are and keep customer service at a high level.

Here are some of the main benefits of forwarding calls:

Call forwarding improves the availability of staff.

Before mobile phones, if a person was not working there was a good chance you’d receive their voicemail. This could result in long game of “voicemail game” and “phone tag” in which two players continue to be absent and leave messages. Thanks to call forwarding virtual answering service, representatives can forward calls to employees’ home phone or mobile to ensure that customers get the help they require immediately. This is more convenient for the client, and it also allows employees to keep their availability even when they’re not working in their office.

The use of call forwarding makes it easier the employees’ travel.

In a variety of sectors, work isn’t done sitting in the cubicle. Salespeople must visit their customers in person. Realtors are much more likely be present in front of clients in front of their homes than at their desks waiting for a phone call. This is also true for construction companies, as well as many other industries. By using call forwarding businesses don’t need to decide between excellent customer service or mobility. Employees can travel wherever they want to travel, and important calls will be answered.

Call forwarding helps expand your business’s presence.

Call forwarding doesn’t need to happen from your main office phone to a cell phone of an employee. It is also possible to make use of call divert to mobile to boost the perception of your presence and make things easier for visitors. If you own a single home office, however you conduct local business, you could establish multiple local numbers which can be forwarded into your central line. Customers in the next county or state do not need to make a long-distance calls – they simply dial the number within the area code of their choice and the call will be rerouted to.

What exactly does it mean?

In the case of call forwarding, our advice for our answering service clients is to utilize each of the following options “call forward busy” and “call forward without answer.” The two options let the answering service run on autopilot, giving our customers the freedom to use our services only in the instances they are needed. Furthermore the client of an answering service doesn’t have to be concerned about forwarding their phone calls in the night, only to cancel it the next day. Instead they can setup the service and put it away. Not just the call forwarding service is cheaper when utilized in this way and the client has just set up an emergency response system for all calls in case of an emergency, or other unexpected event.

Whatever way you choose to use it, there’s no doubt that call forwarding could be a vital tool for company. A virtual answering service will aid you in making use of this.