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Top Benefits of Video Production for Business?

The benefits of video production for every business are numerous, regardless of industry or nature of the company’s brand. Every business has an story to tell, an audience to share it with, and a signature to create with their image and video can fulfill this need. While video may have once been a “want” for marketers, today video production for corporate purposes is a “must.” In reality, there is no doubt about the many benefits of video production for businesses and the main question to consider is just how many videos be created and how do you get from the process?

In examining the many benefits that video-related production can bring to entrepreneurs, we see that incorporating video into the daily marketing activities that a business undergoes is extremely beneficial. Explore these top 10 benefits of video production for business.

1. Traffic Generation is Increased

If you’ve come to a dead end with your content marketing strategy, there’s nothing better than video production for breaking the plateau. Your traffic generation could be increased by 50 percent or more when you opt for video production for your company.

Start with producing videos that reflect those topics that you’ve worked great from a content perspective and build from there.

2. Growth in Social Media Shares

Business video production can exponentially propel your company to the next level in social media. Not only do videos go viral more frequently than written ones, they’re also more likely to engage your audience and up to 200% greater likelihood to get shared.

According to Facebook the video on a post is 7 times more likely be shared than links. Integrating videos into your social media content can be a huge boost to the reach of your posts and can help more people to connect with your brand.

3. Convert More Customers

Are you experiencing that you’re experiencing a problem with clients? Do you notice that you lose a lot of clients at a certain section in your sales funnel?

If you’re having trouble getting customers to say “Yes” Video is the ideal solution. One of the main advantages of creating videos for business is the fact that video content helps customers convert.

Consider the use of demonstration videos of your products to boost the amount of conversions that occur in the sales channel. Additionally, you can include testimonial videos on your email marketing and on your website to establish confidence and establish a relationship with prospective clients.

4. Incredible ROI for a Marketing Medium

As a business owner you already know that there are many ways to market your business that you can explore to develop your business. However, video offers the greatest ROI when it is introduced in a manner that draws your audience and encourages people to take action.

If you aren’t convinced that video can increase your ROI, take into consideration the fact that a typical corporate video has greater yield than a blog entry written. It is more than an email-based outreach campaign. And more than many other forms of marketing alone.

5. Enhance Brand Awareness

You may be trying to build your brand’s reputation online, on television or through email, or through social media.

One of the greatest benefits of video production in businesses is that videos can build strong emotional bonds with your audience’s expectations and boost brand awareness.

Aiming at customers through different channels, including social platforms or via email, on TV and online allows you to meet your audience where they are. There’s no better method to establish brand awareness than through a video that resonates with your audience.

6. Make the Complex Easy to Explain

Do you sell a product or offer an service that is difficult to describe? Are your products or services an item that is visually appealing? Sometimes selling these types of items can be difficult. Especially if you’re just using the written word to describe them.

Video can teach clients about the key benefits of your product, explaining exactly what it does and the advantages it offers so that they feel instantly connected.

Not only is video an effective way of explaining the benefits of your product to prospective customers. As people are able to retain 98% of what they see and hear, they’ll be more likely to recall your brand’s name when it is right to purchase.

7. Increased Search Engine Rankings

Google has announced that websites and pages with video content are 33 percent more likely to be on the first on Google’s search results than pages that don’t. If you’re having trouble to reach the first page rankings, it could be as simple as adding video on your site.

Improved search engine ranking is among the numerous advantages of video productions for business owners that can’t be ignored.

8. Consumers Stop Video for Video

Have you ever noticed how children are interacting in a crowd, enjoying the best time in their lives when all of a sudden , they listen to their most loved song.

Or any sound, really. And then they stop! They immediately stop whatever they’re doing and move towards the sound they hear. They are mesmerized by it.

This is similar to power of video in the context of a business. Video is able to stop consumers from scrolling and to engage them emotionally.

Sometimes, getting people to stop can make them focus on what you have to say. When you communicate it through video, you’ll have the capacity to make conversions.

9. Create a Powerful Call to Action

The use of video to deliver powerful call to action outcomes is crucial in the business world. With video, not only can you inspire your customers, but also give them the exact information you would like them to do.

A professional video is able to drive your customer to perform the desired actions. Be it calling you or visiting your store or shopping online.

10. Deeper Emotional Connections

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of business video production Essex that is simply not possible to achieve through any other medium or marketing tactic is the profound emotional connections which result from video.

Making videos that tell an engaging story that the audience will be able to connect with will enable you establish a strong bond with your prospective clients and those you already sell to. There’s not a single form of marketing with such a way of connecting with your customers.