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What is a Virtual Phone System?

As the business world continues to make the transition to digital remote working one of the biggest challenges to be faced is adapting the virtual telephone systems. Here, we’ll review some of the advantages of a virtual phone system to your company.

What is an Virtual Phone System?

Virtual phone systems are an online-based communications system which can handle business calls effortlessly. Let your employees connect with customers and clients through various choices, such as mobile phones, desk phones, computers, and our customized application.

Because a virtual telephone system requires internet connectivity, the requirement for an traditional office line that requires costly hardware, is eliminated and you can create a flexible system which allows you to be able to add or delete users easily and quickly.

The advantages of a virtual Phone System

1.) Cost Savings

The cost of calls using virtual phone systems are typically lower than traditional service providers on mobile, local and international calls, which makes it cost-effective to keep an effective business phone system.

If you’re connected to access to the internet, you will have access to the prices you’ve agreed to, meaning that costly roaming charges abroad won’t be a problem in the event that you choose to make use of Virtual Landline abroad.

Your phone number is stored by the cloud meaning there’s no requirement for costly line rentals since all maintenance of the system is taken care of by your service provider, which will mean less cost of setup. Get more details about our coverage across the globe today.

2.) Productivity

One of the advantages of a virtual telephone system is that it allows you to quickly route your calls to your mobile and any device made by our custom application. If your staff members live located in “spotty” places to access the internet, they will still receive voicemails, faxes, and other messages through their email accounts.

Your sales team will be more flexible on the field, and you’ll be able access your business calls with ease from your home. In simple terms, using the virtual phone system implies that business calls don’t necessarily require a trip to the office.

3.) Flexibility

One of the primary steps a small company must follow for success is the ability to adapt. With the ever-changing demands of office space, intermittent hours and limited funds the small-scale business owner has to provide security to their clients.

Utilizing a virtual phone system implies that, even whether you’re operating from traditional office space or changing offices, your phone number remains the same. This helps build a sense confidence and security with your clients.

4) Many Features

The use of a virtual telephone system that includes Virtual Landline means your business will be able to access an array of benefits and features, which includes the ability to increase or reduce the number landlines that you have.

We also offer personalized calls, voicemails, and call logs. These features are accessible by logging into your account.

5) You can download it on your Smartphone

A virtual phone that is connected to your smartphone provides you the possibility to make or receive office or work calls no matter where you are. The person receiving the call will see the virtual office number.

This implies that your personal number remains confidential, even though you’re using a personal phone to make calls with. There are numerous benefits to keeping your personal and business numbers distinct, specifically for the business itself.

6) Select your own number

The main benefit of using virtual office phones is that you can select the phone number that’s best suited for your requirements. If you’re planning to set up an online presence in specific areas of the UK or in a specific region, a localized number is an ideal option to start.

7) Impress with your appearance

Small and new companies are highly dynamic, constantly evolving to meet the challenges presented to them. Phone numbers that are virtual (rather than the mobile number) can create the impression the business appears more steady and bigger than it really is.

8.) Easy to Set-Up

Certain telephone systems require an extended period of time to install. For example, a specific VOIP system installed on your premises could require multiple visits from an installation team and several workshops to understand the system.

Virtual numbers may be created and functioning in just five minutes with many internet-based businesses. There is less hassle and less maintenance, which means more uptime.

9) Get your group together

The traditional way of working has changed in the last several years and working at home being the commonplace for a lot of us. The use of a virtual telephone system for your company means that regardless of where your employees work from, they’ll be able to utilize a standard corporate number.

Personal extensions are also utilized, allowing clients to connect with specific employees without needing their personal phone number. This allows your employees to enjoy the balance of work and life they deserve.

Ten) Never Miss a Call Once

With a virtual line, you can select to get your calls routed to your mobile phone, desk phone, computer, or tablet device at times when you need it. It is possible to set it up to search for you on different lines or devices, if you don’t get a call at the first.

It’s also possible to set all your devices to ring at the same time, so you’ll never miss any important calls.