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Why choose e-vouchers?

What is an electronic voucher?

Also called an e-gift which is also called a gift card virtual, e-voucher can be described as an electronic gift card which is usually sent to a client via either email or SMS, typically with a customized and personalized message. E-vouchers can be used on the internet using a code, or at a store. They are a sought-after option because they provide users the ability to instantly access discounts or promotions on the move. This is made possible by the latest technological advances in mobile 4G and 5G networks, and access to more public Wi-Fi.

What is an electronic code?

An e-code is the name of a code (typically four to 16 numbers) which can be utilized in a check-out or on specific websites in exchange for products or services. E-codes can be created in various formats and be linked to an existing physical item or as an independent campaign.

What is an e-voucher’s PIN?

If you redeem an e-voucher online, users will usually be required to enter the 4- or 5-digit PIN. This is a security feature that can be added to the e-voucher itself or send separately to the customer by an SMS or email.

Are e-vouchers secure?

Since e-vouchers are able to be used to purchase expensive items or services, it is essential that the e-voucher provider is equipped with the appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the data received, and to keep the information as safe as it is against unauthorised access.

Any generated e-codes must be saved on secure servers with high-end encryption to stop data from being intercepted in transmission.

If you are distributing e-vouchers on your behalf, your provider must also offer an online tracking service for every code and provide management details for successful delivery easy bounces and hard bounces and once your recipient downloads their rewards. Along with confirming the secure shipping, the information must be able to monitor the success of your e-voucher program or loyalty program.

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Can I customise my e-voucher?

The e-voucher service you choose should offer an adaptable and user-friendly system that has a range of themes for design and options to customize for your e-voucher program. They should let you modify your designs for special occasions and seasonal offers. The recipient can then make the gift more personal by adding additional details to the electronic gift, like sending personal messages or uploading pictures from their device.

Why should you choose electronic vouchers?

increase sales The customers who redeem e-vouchers typically spend more than the amount of the voucher as per the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association the majority of customers who redeem the gift voucher or e-voucher in a store will invest an additional 40%

Instant Rewards – With the click of a switch, users will receive e-vouchers right to their mobile devices or inbox and, in the majority of cases immediately redeem their rewards. E-vouchers can be distributed to multiple customers at the same time.

Eco Friendly Without paper, plastic, and with no waste, e-vouchers provide the greenest option to any consumer

Easy to Customise – E-vouchers may be made in line to your branding guidelines, and tailored to match particular promotions or marketing campaigns.

Affordable – without postal or physical items required, electronic vouchers are an affordable alternative to traditional gift cards or paper vouchers.