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Why Move to The Isle of Man in 2023?

From amazing facilities for kids to play to plentiful jobs for teachers and nurses The Isle of Man could be the next hot destination for relocation …

If you thought that you thought that the Isle of Man was simply a place for fast motorbikes and cats without tails, you need to think again.

Awash with stunning beaches, gorgeous scenery, fantastic schools and plenty of work available, there really is no better location to consider moving to if you’re looking to change things up for your loved ones.

We’ve put together 10 fantastic reasons to think about moving into The Isle of Man – and trust us when we say that it was hard to choose just the top 10 …

1 If your children are active, there’s no better place than the one they’re in.

The facilities for sport on the island are, frankly incredible. Its National Sports Centre in Douglas is home to a world-class athletics track, as well as an amazing gym, swimming pool and an array of events to keep your future Mark Cavendish or Zoe Gillings busy.

Every year every year, the Manx Youth Games encourages kids to participate in a variety of sportsthat help develop their skills and talents. From gym sessions for little ones as well as archery and snorkeling, and tag rugby. The kids will be able to try it out!

2. If they’re interested in tech, that’s cool too

A large portion of the economy of the island is driven by tech companies, encouraged to set up their HQs there with the help of the federal government. And with that in mind, there’s plenty of options for little ones to start developing their coding skills and Virtual Reality (virtual reality) abilities early!

Code Club has volunteers working with children to teach them coding and tech knowledge – and inspire them to create your own tech-related projects and is a great place for kids to explore their Javascript.

Visit this website for jobs in Douglas

3 There’s a shortage in teachers and nurses.

The number of jobs for those on the Isle of Man are up by 10% in the last year There’s a shortage of nurses and teachers across the entire island.

The government has an amazing relocation program for those with the necessary skills to make the move to advance their careers – head over to the Isle of Man government site to find out more details and to find out if you’re qualified for this. It could be the perfect place for you to return to your former profession!

4 The surroundings are stunning

Schools across the island have been encouraging students to go out into the natural world as much as they can.

“Green classrooms” form a large part of every school curriculum and are where children are outdoors and encouraged to think on their own and learn what is happening that surrounds them. There are plenty of mountain biking, sailing and diving clubs sure to inspire them to appreciate their amazing surroundings.

5 There’s a genuine sense of community

Every person we spoke to on the island discussed how much they value the support and friendship they have with their neighbours. The islanders are a family, and their community-based activities are unparalleled.

There are lots of clubs and groups which are supported by the government, which supports them to grow. One of the best are that of the Community Farm where children can visit to learn about animals and farming and have fun in a genuine hobbit house set into the side of the hill!

6 . House prices are less than on the mainland

The average price for property for the island is about PS300,000. in comparison to London that is PS636,000 and the south eastregion, which is about PS400,000.

So if you’re searching for a place to live that can accommodate your expanding family but you’ve been priced out of the market in England, the Isle of Man could be an excellent choice. And , unlike other islands in the world, there’s no restrictions on buying homes here.

7 But you can make it between Liverpool and London within less than two hours

Easyjet and BA both offer flights directly to Isle of Man, and it is possible to travel to Liverpool in an hour, London in under two hours. There are about 50 flights from and to the island every day and daily ferry services between England or Ireland. If you’re in the market for a big-city experience, you can be there and back within the same day – without hassle!

8 There’s a lot invested in education

The Isle of Man government is spending more than PS380m into the infrastructure of the island, including a new high school being built, and there are more than 30 schools on the island, too.

Isle of Man Isle of Man follows the similar educational system to England – with GCSEs and A Levels and A Levels – however it also puts an emphasis on the “6 Rs’ that are: readiness; relationships that are positive; resourcefulness; retention skills; resilience and reflectiveness, more holistic approach to learning.

In addition, there is no OFSTED in the island. Instead, schools are evaluated by themselves, before an independent validator confirms their findings. This is a completely different method!

Nine Crime rate are very low

It is believed that the Isle of Man is the safest place to live in the British Isles, according to data on crime rates, and has one of the lowest rates of crime in Europe.

Experts believe it’s due to the pride of the residents in their communities and their history – everyone we spoke with said they hardly ever closed their doors and seemed at ease with their kids having fun out. Everyone keeps an eye out for the other people in the area, which makes it a truly homely vibe.

10. You can also study another language!

That’s right – Gaelic Manx! Bunscoill Ghaelgagh school teaches children in Manx which means they’re bi-lingual, and the people of the island are proud of their unique cultural heritage. This adds another dimension to the island’s culture and sense of community.