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Why Work With A Translation Agency?

When it’s time to allow your business to expand and enter new markets in different countries be sure to communicate with your customers and partners in a language they are familiar with and, ideally, their native language. This advice can be applied to companies in which English is the corporate language!

The reason is easy to understand; several studies have clearly shown that customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a company that communicates with them in their native language. Additionally, in some cases your company may also have to legally translate text such as manuals and instructions into local languages.

A reliable translation service will help you steer your organization in the right direction.

Why should you choose a translation agency over freelancers

There isn’t the term “standard” for translating assignments or assignment, and being able in two languages isn’t enough to qualify someone to become a translator any more than having two hands qualifies them to be a musician. Translating between two languages is a skill that requires exceptional linguistic ability and an in-depth understanding of the country as well as the industry that the translation is meant for. In other words, what distinguishes a high-quality translation are accuracy in terminology, correct use of industry jargon , and the ability to write in a fluid, grammatically sound writing style that’s tailored to the intended reader, taking into consideration cultural differences , and then transferring the specifics of one language to another. In the field of translation this process is known as localisation.

When you partner with a professional and reputable translation agency, you can be confident that your texts are only given to skilled and experienced translators who have undergone an extensive testing and selection process.

Choosing an agency over individual freelancers will also reduce the possibility of the translation procedure becoming an obstacle for your projects, as translation agencies are used to dealing with large amounts of texts that need to be translated into various languages within very short times. In other words, you’ll get speedy time-to market for your product when you decide to outsource your translation tasks with an agency.

What agency to pick?

When you’re searching for the right firm for your needs You’ll be amazed at how many there are to choose from. It may be difficult to figure out which ones are different from one another.

Which agency to pick depends a lot on your needs and your personal preferences and standards. If you are only looking for one single translation for internal use, and accuracy and quality aren’t an essential factor and you just need to concentrate on the cost.

If your text are to be read by clients or colleagues it is a good idea to select a vendor who can deliver the quality you’d like. A poor translation could have catastrophic consequences for your company’s image and may even compromise the value of your product in the market that is evolving. Imagine the devastating implications a poorly translated set of instructions may result in, or the case that your website’s online business card – – makes your business appear less professional.

What are the best ways to choose an agency to translate your documents that can provide the high-quality service you need?

In this regard as well, it’s almost impossible to see how the agencies differ from each other at first. Many of their websites boast similar things: top quality translations, lower prices than their competitors, fast turnaround, and excellent service.

Here are our nine helpful suggestions to make it easier for you to sift through the maze of language service providers and find the professional translation agency that matches your preferences and needs.

Keep these nine helpful tips in mind when selecting the right translation company:

1. Contact your friends and family and ask for references

The most effective method to locate an experienced provider is usually as straightforward as asking for recommendations. After all, someone in your network may have a reliable translation company that they would recommend. If that’s the case, it’s best to follow up by asking a few questions about whether they’ve found the agency to be trustworthy and stable and how satisfied they’ve been with the quality of the translations.

You could also look for case stories and references on the website of the agency, or if you want to go even further, contact the agency and ask for some client references that you can contact directly.

2. Find out about their practices and procedures

Professional translation firms have put in place efficient procedures to manage the translation tasks that they receive from clients which allows them to keep track of every assignment as well as all the languages that the texts of their clients need to be translated into and from. These processes allow the agency to expedite their translation assignments, ensuring that they are completed as swiftly as is possible. Often, they also give clients the ability to check the progress of their projects and view every ongoing and finalized translation they’ve given to the agency.

3. You can inquire about the language combinations that the agency offers

Even if you just need translation of texts into one or couple of languages for the first time, it may be worthwhile to inquire if the agency is capable of translating text to any other language. If they can then you can be assured that you won’t see your business grow out of’ the agency and that they can help in the future growth of your company and be able to meet your requirements.

4. Ask about the standards the agency applies to its experts in language

Professional translation agencies depend in freelance translators, as well as experts in language and have built an established network of vendors that enable them to translate their customers text into a wide variety of languages while also meeting their clients’ strict deadlines.

There could be significant differences in the standards agencies expect their vendors to meet. To ensure you get the quality you expect agencies should constantly evaluate their vendors their work quality and proficiency in their language combinations. They must also establish criteria for the language specialists levels of training, experience and knowledge.

Nowadays, there are few translation firms that decide to utilize an in-house group of translation experts. But, there are obvious advantages to employing an in-house team of expert translators who will ensure a consistently high standard of quality and are aware of the ins and outs of the industry.

5. You can get a sense of the quality of service offered by the agency.

Try contacting the agency to determine if they will respond to your email or phone call and if they’re willing to spend time with you as you’re entitled as potential (prospective) customer.

How was the time it took for them to reply? Did they appear excited about your inquiry? Did they take the time to inquire about your concerns? This will give you an idea of what would be like working with the agency and also how they treat their clients.

You may also want to ask few questions about the way they interact together with customers. Are you assigned a specific contact person? Do you have the option to contact them or send them an e-mail? Do they want to be available for regular meetings to discuss your partnership?

Of course, the entire above is contingent upon what you’re looking for from a translation company.

6. For more information, inquire about their pricing and dates

As a client is often beneficial to know the price you’ll be charged for a service or product. However, many translation firms offer a quote for an assignment once they have had the chance to review the text you’d like to translate. This is due to the complexity of a translation project can vary tremendously in terms of the degree of technicality of the text, the topic(s) it addresses, the language combination as well as the language combination. Reviewing the text beforehand also allows the agency to analyse the file and offer discounts for repeated texts and segments that have been translated previously in the cost.

We recommend choosing an agency that does not insist on offering a price until they’ve had the chance to examine the content.

Be aware the fact that the cost per word may include more than the translation itself, such as costs for project management and proofreading. If you’re offered a price which seems too promising to be true It could be because the company may be cutting corners on certain aspects of the translation process that ultimately impact their quality and the accuracy of translations that they offer.

7. Find out if the agency provides additional services

The most effective thing to do is locate an agency that is able to provide all the language services that you and your colleagues require to ensure that you send all your projects to the same service. There’s also a lot of benefit in choosing a partner with whom you and your team members can build a friendly and close business relationship. The whole process is much simpler – and ultimately the result is more refined after the translator is familiar with your and your business’s requirements in terms of language, tone of voice and so on.

You should therefore ask whether the agency offers the services of proofreading, text revision copiescribing, DTP, etc. And if they are subject to any restrictions with regard to file formats and language combinations.

8. Find out if the agency utilizes technology and CAT tools.

Professional translation firms employ computers-assisted translating (CAT) tools for translating your texts. The CAT tools improve the quality of the translation by making sure that terms are translated consistently, for instance and also making sure you pay the best price for your translation assignment because you will pay less or nothing at all for previously translated parts and repetitions.

9. The financial condition of the agency

Everyone doesn’t want to go to work one day and learn that a reliable partner has suddenly stopped providing services or shuts down, leaving you hanging. That’s why we recommend that you check out how long the translation agency has been operating for and its finances.

If you follow these tips for selecting the language service provider you choose You’ll be on the right track to success. It’s important to find the right partner from the start so that you avoid having to change between different agencies without wasting time and resources on starting over.