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The Top 8 Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Furniture made from reclaimed wood is that is made by using previously used timber which is reused and recycled to create a new product. The wood is usually salvaged from old structures after they have been removed from use which is why it is rich in character and historical and is perfect to make amazing, unique products.

Reclaimed wood used to make furniture is a lengthy list of advantages and produces items that are truly unique. Here is a list of the eight main advantages of using reclaimed wood , and why furniture made of reclaimed wood is the perfect furniture for your home!

1. Older trees are more robust and heavier. They are also denser.

Old industrial buildings and structures constructed with reclaimed wood are made from wood that is typically used from trees that were cut down and milled in the past century. The trees would have grown for a long time. The older trees have thicker fibers because they have been allowed to grow and attain their full maturity. Slow growth results in trees that have larger growth rings which means that the wood is more resistant to resistance to rot, and less prone to split, splinter or split, as well as warp.

The wood that is grown today is harvested extremely quickly in order to accelerate speed of production, and consequently the trees are cut down in the shortest time possible and take longer to mature fully. This makes virgin wood less sturdy and more vulnerable to being damaged.

The old-growth forests have been destroyed due to overproduction in the past there isn’t any way to get this dense wood today. The majority of the forests that are ancient are protected because of their importance to ecosystems that makes it almost impossible (and ethically unsound) to obtain old-growth wood by removing the trees of the past. Thus, the most reliable source for old-growth, more dense and stronger lumber is reclaimed timber.

2. Wood used for construction is stronger over time.

Reclaimed wood doesn’t just make furniture more durable because of the older-growth wood used for its production, but the fact that it was previously used also makes it more durable. Reclaimed wood has been exposed to the elements during its earlier life and been developed a weathering process over time, increasing the durability of it and its resistance to splitting and warping*. Since it was used for many years as part of a building structure, reclaimed lumber has ample space to contract and expand within its environment. This means that it has a huge advantage over wood, which is susceptible to react negatively to minor changes.

The old timber has lasted through years of changing humidity and fluctuating conditions. With this age comes strength that fast growth and new wood can’t match. Reclaimed wood is wood that has stood the tests of time and will keep doing so for a long time to be!

3. Unique, one-of-a-kind products

Furniture made in mass production can be out of stock, but it can be made to exact specifications, and then restocked identical.

Rustic handmade furniture on the other hand is not a limited edition. It’s 100% exclusive. Every piece is unique since no plank made from reclaimed lumber is exactly the same.

The manufacturing process used to create recycled wood products is designed to preserve imperfections in the wood , preserving the distinctive characteristics that each plank has. Burrows, knots and even tiny nail holes appear differently on every plank based on the species of wood the plank was crafted from and the previous life the wood was used to before it was recycled. The natural look and grain of the wood of furniture that is reclaimed was not made in a factory, but results from wood being used for a long time. This is not just an attractive patina look but also adds authenticity to furniture pieces.

4. Rustic and versatile

The worn, aged style of furniture reclaimed brings a distinct look to any room in which it is placed. Natural imperfections, intricacies and patterns that are found in reclaimed timber are not able to be duplicated or replicated by using wood that is virgin, so that the rustic appearance of your furniture is reinforced by the previous existence that the timber has had.

The distinctive look and style of reclaimed wood are timeless and adaptable, blending well with any style of interior. This is the reason why it’s extremely well-known. No matter if your house is a traditional cottage or a minimalist one and whether you prefer modern or traditional, the unique rustic appeal of furniture reclaimed will enhance any style.

Reclaimed wood is a great match with other metals and steel and instantly adds an industrial element to furniture reclaimed and making it even more impressive. The natural and rugged characteristics of reclaimed wood, together with the many different products that it can be turned into, ensure that it will always be the perfect space that reclaimed wooden furniture can give the perfect look to.

5. Stories, History, Mystery

The previous life of reclaimed wood isn’t just great to give a truly rustic appearance, but also interesting as a whole. The story of making use of something that been used for a purpose is a compelling one to tell and an exciting one to be included in.

Each piece of reclaimed furniture includes a distinct background that is rooted in its past use . The marks and imperfections on the furniture are a visual clue to the furniture’s history. Being able to observe and feel the details of your furniture from many years, you are able to connect with an era in a way that is impossible to do with modern furniture.

Reclaimed furniture is distinctive because of its uniqueness, however the path the wood took to reach your home makes it even more fascinating. The fact that the majority of recycled wood isn’t traceable back to the source isn’t a detriment to the story , but it does add an element of mystery that allows your imagination to go free. It could be the timber that was used to construct and support the foundations of 20th century mills and factories, or lumber from the decking an enormous cruise ship that traveled all over the world, or simply the reclaimed planks that were discarded of an abandoned barn which was a refuge for animals and crops from the elements, the fact that wood has a story and the mystery surrounding the specific history is unquestionably fascinating. Whatever the source of your furniture piece that was reclaimed is sourced from, the fact that it’s constructed from such a fascinating material will be a topic for conversation.

6. Better for the planet

The most significant benefit of furniture made of reclaimed wood is the positive impact on the environment that reclaimed wood furniture has on the environment.

Instead of cutting down natural trees, the reclaimed timber is wood that was already through the milling and felling process for years and is ready for use again. As the largest plant in the world trees, they play an essential part in the ecosystems of the globe, from generating oxygen for us to storing carbon dioxide that can harm the environment. They also stabilize soil and prevent flooding and they also provide habitats to numerous species of animals which is why conserving them on the soil is the best choice.

The forests in the UK are only covering 12percent of the country and are far in comparison to that European mean of around 40%. Clearly, we must plant more trees, not cutting down trees. Reduced demand for trees that are not virgin will reduce the negative impact that deforestation has on the planet , and also aid the fight against climate change.

Wood is a regenerative and natural substance, and therefore is more sustainable than other materials however, it is still advisable to limit our dependence on this essential natural resource, in particular in the event that we can.

Reclaiming usable and perfectly useful timber is a fantastic option to ensure that trees remain in the ground so that they can continue to do their work of improving the lives of everyone.

7. Less of a waste

Not only does furniture made using reclaimed wood prevent the trees’ ability to be cut and destroying the environment, but it also prevents wood in landfills from being thrown away.

The UK produced 4.5 millions tonnes of waste wood in the year 2020,, which is an alarming figure with dire consequences.

It is not just sending good-quality wood to decay in landfills a terrible waste of materials, but it can also be harmful to the environmental. Wood decays in natural settings, but the waste wood that is dumped in landfills gets polluted by other waste that slows down the process of decomposition.

Wood that is contaminated and the volume of it being disposed of in landfills results in huge quantities of methane gas get released into the air which is detrimental to both the environment as well as the health of the people. Reclaiming wood stops wasted wood from decaying in landfills and preventing the contribution to contribute to the climate change. It is also the best option to avoid wasting an extremely useful material. Participating in this circular economic system and knowing the furniture you purchase is a part of this process is sure to bring you joy every time you gaze at the beautiful piece of furniture you have reclaimed.

8. Lower Carbon Footprint

The process used to create recycled wood has less environmental impact than the fresh cut trees.

The process of producing virgin wood is to use millions of gallons water for irrigation, a huge energy production for harvesting as well as a highly energy-intensive milling process and emissions resulting by transport systems around the world. Growing trees and cutting them down for use for production and construction has been practiced for centuries and isn’t necessarily the most efficient method in comparison to other methods. If you are able to get rid of the negative effects of production of wood, it is always beneficial to do it.

Reclaimed wood is reclaimed without all the energy- and emission-intensive processes that virgin wood undergoes because the wood has gone through this process many years ago when it was made to be used in its original purpose. Because reclaimed wood is extracted from buildings and then milled for reuse, only a tiny amount of the energy and resources used is utilized and a small amount of carbon emissions release into the atmosphere. The less energy consumption of recycled wood helps reduce the carbon footprint for each furniture item that is manufactured and decreases the overall impact on the environment.