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What Are The Best Cake Decorating Supplies?

One of the most popular pastimes nowadays is cake decorating. Many people are spending a tiny sum on desserts for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings Christenings, and many more. It’s not surprising therefore that many have turned their passions into a profitable business. If you love baking and are looking to earn money Cake decorating might be the right option. Or, it could be something that people are looking to do as a pastime or to keep themselves entertained. In either case there are a few cake decorating tools that are required. Below is our guide for beginners on the tools needed.

Tins for your cake

The most common equipment for decorating cakes are cake tins. You’ll need to create your cakes to decorate. Depending upon how daring you intend to be, you might require several different sizes and designs. If you’re just beginning with your cake decorating journey Do not get carried away purchasing every cake tin that you can see. Get a couple of different sizes and forms to start with. Once you’ve decided that this is what you want to do in life, then look into buying special tins and moulds to suit different occasions. Consider the kind of cake you want to create. If you’re planning on creating cakes that are layered, you’ll have to look for a tin very deep. Alternately, you can purchase shallow tins, and then layer two cakes on top of another. Tins that can be removed from the bottom are an excellent choice because they allow you to take the cake off more easily.

Turntable stand

To ensure absolute ease and efficiency when making cakes look beautiful, using a rotating cake stand is essential. The stand allows you to turn your cake in a circular fashion without needing to perform an exaggerator. Professional bakers utilize turntable stands to decorate their cakes, therefore it is best to begin as you plan to continue. You’re more likely to have success with your cake decorating when you are equipped with the tools that help you with the task. Find the cake stand that has an entire flat edge because this makes removing the cake a lot easier.

Spreaders with fondant

If you are planning the decoration of your cakes using fondant icing, you’ll need a method to spread it onto the cake. Special spreaders for fondant are available and will ensure that your fondant will be spread evenly. A quality spreader will have a flat bottom which can extend to the bottom of the cake and be able to hold the cake well.

Piping bags

If you plan to pipe butter-cream icing the cake, to create letters or shapes for instance, you’ll require piping bags as well as several nozzles. There are disposable piping bags which you can reuse or purchase plastic bags that are disposable instead. The disposable bags aren’t as costly, however some prefer them because they prefer to throw them away after they’ve used them. There are a range of nozzles in various dimensions and shapes which allow for different effects.

Palette knife

The palette knife can be employed to icing cakes, and its raised handle can make the process much easier than using spatulas. There are a variety of types and sizes of knives and the kind you choose will be based on the size and kind of cake you’re planning to create.

Paint brushes

Cake decorating goes beyond just frosting a cake and piped on some swirls. Nowadays, fondant-based decoration is added in order to cakes to give them an individual look. To allow the decorations to adhere on the cake is essential to apply sugar glue. Cake brushes can be purchased for this task.

Serrated knife

A serrated knife can be used to cut cakes to the shape or size you want. The blades are ridged and will ensure that the cake does not get damaged during cutting.

Rolling pins

For fondant, it’s essential to be equipped with a rolling pin in the event that it is to be rolled into the proper size. Rolling pins for cake decorating are typically made from plastic or silicone instead of wood since they have to have non-stick properties. A range of sizes are available, and the one you choose will also be determined by the size of the cake that you are planning to decorate.

These are only some of the cake decorating supplies UK that you’ll need but should suffice to start you off.