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What Type Of Trailer Brake Is Right For Me?

There are numerous ideas that are commonly accepted by consumers about trailer brakes, which include both mechanical and electrical (overrun brakes). There are benefits and drawbacks to each, but at the end the day, it boils down to your preference, price and quality, as well as value for price.

One of these can be that the mechanical brake system is rough, jerky and won’t provide an easy ride. Although this might have been in place for some time, but the market has changed. With the introduction of the more efficient European overrun brake system has come into. It has taken as two major brands: Alko as well as Knott brakes. The suspension and braking systems are widely used in trailers such as Brian James Trailers, Variant Trailers and IFor Williams Trailers.

The electronic braking system that was the choice of consumers for many years is not the only option. We are beginning to see increasing numbers of hire firms, tradies, and private customers beginning to make the switch to better quality European trailers, and then using the overrun Alko or Knott brake systems.

How do Electric Brakes on Trailers work?

Electric trailer brakes utilize the brake controller that is installed inside the trailer. Then they utilize electromagnets in order to start the braking system by using drums. The electrical power for the brakes are controlled through the brake controller as well as the brake light circuit.

What are the advantages of Electric Brakes on Trailers?

Electronic brake systems provide many advantages they can offer, including restricting the pressure on the brakes of the tow vehicle as well as the ability to set the speed manually using the brake controller to limit the amount of swaying. This is an excellent advantage for those who travel on hills and in places where wind speeds are high. The majority of the time, electronic brakes are great when properly set up However, it is the case with many people who do not know how to set the brakes correctly or aren’t interested in. This leads us to the advantages of an overrun or mechanical brake system as a substitute.

How do mechanical trailer Brakes Function?

Mechanical (overrun) brakes for trailers are also a fairly straightforward concept, as the trailer is moving forward it travels at what the automobile’s speed. In order to prevent the trailer from moving over the speed of the vehicle due to its weight, an overrun brake is in place. A spring mechanism that slides is attached to the drawbar of the trailer which contracts at the moment the trailer’s speed tries to outrun the vehicle. As the drawbar contracts, the collection of Bowden brake cables are pulled to engage the drums of brakes on the axles. The more force that is applied to the drums, the more force of braking. If the vehicle stops braking, the cables cease to be activated and the trailer is towed in the normal way.

The European brake system also has an overrun dampener that acts as shock absorber. This dampener is put in place to stop that the brake overrun from instantly functioning when the brake or throttle is released. It also eliminates the jerky, pulsating sensation of a conventional mechanical brake system has.

The European mechanical brake system uses an auto-reverse system that is integrated into the drums for brakes. This mechanism guarantees that the overrun brake does not be activated when reversed.

What are the advantages of Mechanical Brakes on Trailers?

The mechanical brake system offers several advantages, making it a perfect system for users. Overrun systems are easy and, therefore, nothing can be wrong, while the electrical system may be prone to wiring issues or connector problems which could lead to problems or the replacement of the components. This is because the Knott as well as the Alko overrun systems can also make use of handbrake breakaway cables that provide extra road safety. The overrun dampener can also be an excellent feature as it makes sure that your journeys are smooth and easy.