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What Is Van Leasing?

If your company requires frequent deliveries and collections , or the transportation of equipment and other items such as tools and equipment, you’ll require an automobile or fleet to provide long-term assistance.

Van leasing is a reasonable solution for companies of any size. You can drive most recent vehicles for a minimal monthly fee for a set time. If your company requires a single van or an entire fleet, you can rent the vehicle at a set duration, and then take back it to the vehicle(s) when you have completed the contract.

Van Leasing Benefits

There are many advantages of the leasing of a vehicle. These include:

1. Monthly payments that are low

When leasing, you’re just paying the amount of time that you’ve decided to lease the vehicle. It is not the full price of the vehicle, like you would with financing. The payment is usually smaller and easier to manage which allows you to monitor the cash flow of your company.

2. A brand-new van of your choice

We lease only new vans. However, the way leasing works is that you are able to enjoy lower payments while enjoying new vehicles which could end up being less expensive when you finance the acquisition of an older vehicle. Additionally, you will have all the latest tech and equipment that you’d think of from the most modern commercial vehicles available.

You can leave a lasting impression on your clients when you drive an updated van. You are making a difference to the planet by using the advanced eco-friendly technology. It gives you the assurance that your vehicle will be energy efficient and durable.

3. Lower deposit

Lease deposits are referred to in the name of the initial payment. You can pay three (or six, nine or twelve months worth of initial payments. This reduces monthly payments in the sense that it reduces the amount the lease costs in total.

4. Avoid extra costs

Cost-wise, everything is covered by the lease. You estimate the annual mileage, and if you do not exceed it, and the vehicle is returned in line with the guidelines of fair wear and tear There are no additional costs.

If you drive a brand new vehicle will not come with the maintenance and repair costs that come with operating a van that is a bit older.

Taxes on roads are included as part of the monthly lease payment, therefore, no problem for new cars MOTs are not required until after the first three years, and by then, you’ll have another brand new Van.

With the anticipated mileage for the coming years, any change in the circumstances or extra miles covered beyond the agreed limit could cost you more money at the conclusion of the contract.

5. Simple process

Being driving the next vehicle should not be a hassle. This is why we offer an easy leasing procedure that makes it simple for you to get started taking advantage of your new vehicle:
Select your Van

It is easy for our clients to browse our site and select Vans. Van. You can define the search parameters by:

Type of body
Special discounts
A detailed search, e.g. fuel type
In-stock vehicles

You’ll receive a comprehensive range of vans to pick from, and we’ve a team of experts who ensure you receive the most competitive cost. Start your search here . Or keep studying to understand how to proceed.

Get a quote

Once you’ve chosen the vehicle you’d like to use over the next couple of years, you must choose the most important aspects which will allow us to put together a price for you. This includes deciding:

The length of the contract
Maximum mileage allowed for the duration of the lease
Additional features you’d like to add to your vehicle, like specifications, factory options or the possibility of leasing a van with insurance and maintenance plan

This is done swiftly and conveniently on our site, as well as by calling one of our experienced Account Managers, who will help users through the procedure over the phone and answer any questions you might have.

Request a loan

Like most financing options, you’ll have to pass the credit test. This is so that you are able to pay the monthly installments throughout the term that the agreement.

After you’ve completed the form for a finance proposal and we have it sent directly to our internationally recognized financial partners who will review of your credit history and decide. We are fortunate to be able to access the biggest selection of finance options on the market to help you in financing your next car.

Make the purchase

If you’ve successfully cleared the credit test, it’s now time to close the purchase and make sure that everything is in place to get your new vehicle.

A designated Account Manager will create your order information which include all contract details as well as information on the particular van you’ve chosen.

A member of the Account Management team will go carefully through your order; we encourage customers to check the order before accepting the order. Once that is completed, the order will be accepted.

6. Fixed price

A new van likely to be among the most significant investments you can make for your business. That is why the ability to afford fixed, affordable payment plans is one of the most beneficial advantages when leasing a vehicle.

In a lease, all you pay is negotiated in advance. There aren’t any grey zones regarding the annual expenses or even equity. Other financing options such as PCP offer the guarantee of equity at the conclusion of your contract which could or won’t be realized if the value of your vehicle suddenly declines.

We’ll let you know exactly what you have to pay every month at the earliest possibility.

The monthly cost of your contract are not subject to change during your contract, unless the VAT rate or the tax on vehicles increases. Consider the probability of any increase in this regard and incorporate it into your assessment of suitability.

7. Do not worry about depreciation.

The most expensive part of driving is the decline in value your vehicle suffers as time passes, otherwise called ‘depreciation’.

When you are buying a brand new vehicle it’s logical to consider residual values to determine what it could be worth when you decide to sell it.

When you lease the risk of the unknown is assumed through the financial institution. Since your monthly payments are set you are aware of the exact amount you’ll be charged, and at the conclusion of your lease you just return the car.

8. Maintenance and Road Tax are included

Road tax is part of the fixed monthly lease fees when you decide to add an annual maintenance

Add this package to your lease and you won’t have to worry about repair costs. If something that seems impossible happens

When the van is damaged, the manufacturer offers breakdown cover for new vehicles.

9. Tax relief for small businesses

When you lease your business you are able to claim the full amount of VAT that you pay on your lease. VAT claims can also be claimed against the cost of maintenance as well as any mileage that is not covered during the lease. Make sure you talk to your accountant if that you might be eligible to this savings.

10. Returns with no hassle

One of the most difficult aspects of buying a vehicle is the cost of recouping it when you attempt to sell it in the future. However, with leasing you can get an all-new car that you like every couple of years without having to think about selling it at an affordable price.

When your contract is over the vehicle can be returned to the vehicle without hassle. The vehicle will be subject to regular maintenance checks to make sure that you haven’t over-extended your Fair Wear and Tear guidelines or exceeded your mileage limit.

Then, it’s completely dependent on you to decide the next step. You may opt to purchase a new vehicle and reap the benefits of leasing once more.