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Are Resistance Bands A Good Piece Of Exercise Equipment?

Do you need to use resistance bands during your fitness routine?

If you’re a novice to fitness or an experienced weightlifter and recovering from injury The answer is yes!

Why should you utilize these and how?

Before we get into the benefits, let’s look over the primary kinds of resistance bands to help you figure out the best one for you.

Are resistance bands made of?

Resistance bands are a way for strengthening and stretching your muscles, to improve your appearance, athletic performance or for physical therapy.

The benefits from using bands of resistance

The gym is filled with dumbbells, machines, and weights of every kind. However, resistance bands provide numerous benefits that traditional weights won’t.

1. Similar muscle activity There is less risk of injury

According to research, exercising with elastic bands results in the same, and sometimes more muscular activity than weight training. The main difference is that it they exert a lesser amount of force applied to joints, meaning that more stimulation can be delivered to muscles, with a lower risk of injuries. This is beneficial for people who has joint pain as resistance bands can let you continue training and perform exercises that are not possible using dumbbells.

2. Greater muscle stimulus

The primary differentiator between free weights as well as band resistance is that they have variety of resistance that is applied throughout the entire movement of an exercise. When using free weights, there are certain parts of the exercise where the muscles don’t do the required amount of work due to gravity deficiency, such for example, at the top of an Bicep Curl. What does this mean, according to Dr. Jim stoppani is that when you use resistance bands “the muscles are receiving more resistance at the most powerful area of motion and is therefore receiving more effective resistance that can help stimulate strength adaptations.”

3. Stabilization/core activation

The continuous tension of bands provides needed stabilization of your body for maintaining form in a variety of workouts. It also means that you’ll need to work your core to maintain stability. The requirement to prevent the bands to prevent them from snapping back to their original position results in more power and stimulation through the entire range of motion. Additionally, the force of the bands decreases your chances of cheating using momentum.

4. Strengthening and athletic performance

Resistance bands for power are highly efficient for training in athletics because of their increased amount of load, varied resistance and instability. According to one study published by thesportjournal.Org, “experienced power lifters as well as strength and conditioning experts have reported that elastic band resistance when combined with conventional training results in significant gains in strength over the course of several years”. A test with elastic tension on back squats and bench presses proved that the bench press improvement was more than doubled, and the back squat’s one rep max increase was almost three times more with bands. “the resistance band group’s average lower-body power improvement was three times higher than the free-weight only groups.”

Studies have also shown that using weights in bands increases neuromuscular performance and strength more than training with weights alone. These bands can be used to perform exercises in agility and speed for various sports.

5. Additional choices

Barbells and dumbbells are a good choice, but you’re limited to specific body positions within the vertical direction to make use of gravity’s force. With resistance bands, you are able to exercise in both the horizontal and vertical plane. For instance, you could perform a back or chest row from a standing position instead of using benches. You can also practice sideways movementsthat are ideal for sports like hitting a baseball bat or golf club, everyday tasks such as opening doors or lifting the contents of a box.

6. Cheap

Because you can do a range of exercises using one band, as demonstrated in the above examples which means that you won’t require a lot of weights or machines. If you exercise at your home, having a set resistance bands could be a great alternative to buying numerous expensive weights which also are a waste of the space.

7. Perfect for rehabilitation

Tubes and bands of resistance have been found to enhance the strength, size, and performance of muscles in older people as well as those who are undergoing rehabilitation. Bands offer very moderate or intense resistance that can be applied in targeted methods for specific muscles. This helps protect joints.

8. Mobility and stretching

Any kind of tubes or bands works well for stretching post-workout, and pre-workout flexibility exercises. In general, you are restricted in stretches due to your degree dexterity and motion and some effective stretches require a third party to apply pressure to the muscles. It is better to utilize bands to aid in stretching in order to expand your reach and apply pressure, like when lying down hamstring stretch. They are also great for mobility exercises when they are placed around a sturdy object that can help improve the hip and ankle mobility during squats.

9. Ideal for traveling

It isn’t easy to squeeze in workouts, or even find a gym while you travel. Bands are an excellent alternative to carry inside your bag to allow you to exercise in an indoor space or in a hotel without the need for heavy equipment. They’ll not burden your luggage and will provide you a complete, total body exercise. Because of this, they’re great for bodybuilders and fitness athletes and models who want to work their muscles before an event or photography shoot.

Who should wear resistance bands?

After having read about the benefits of resistance bands, it’s getting clearer that everyone can utilize resistance bands to help them reach your fitness objectives. Here are some people who should be using bands and the reasons for it:

Anyone looking to gain muscles

If you’re seeking to increase strength and size it is possible to utilize bands instead of dumbbells or machines to give a fresh and more challenging stimuli to your muscles in order to increase their size. They can be added to exercises with barbells to boost the intensity and performance of your neuromuscular.

Anyone looking to shed some weight

Losing weight is easy by combining a healthy diet, cardio routine, and strengthening exercises. Include bands in your exercise routine, like for a full-body workout. It could be as simple as performing a chest press, then Squats using a band and the back row using bands. This can create muscle and burn calories simultaneously helping you shed weight in the long term.

Older adults

For those who are over 60 years of age Standard weights at the gym may be difficult and hard for your body. Resistance bands aid in maintaining the strength and muscle mass, without overloading the body. Studies show that exercise programs that use elastic tubes are efficient and practical ways to increase strength among people over 65. Johns Hopkins medicine suggests resistance bands to be among the most secure ways to boost bone strength and prevent osteoporosis.


Bands can help athletes prepare for every kind of movement and help improve power and strength, as well as to help prevent injuries. The 2004 champion of the national boxing championship, daniel sanchez, says, “as an athlete, I discovered that there’s nothing more effective to help you become faster and more powerful than resistance bands. They can be carried wherever you go and you go to work out regardless of where you are extremely important to my training, particularly in my shadow boxing or punching speed, and even toning without weight. Should I have to choose between either dumbbells or bands I’d prefer bands every time.”

Women who are pregnant

It is essential to exercise during pregnancy to boost the quality of sleep, energy, mood and in preparing for the birth. But, this isn’t the right time to begin an intense program of weight training. Bands of resistance and repetitions that are high (15-20) are excellent for mild muscle-toning. By using two medium and one light band allows you to work all your major muscles without strain.