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Be A Personal Trainer In The UK

Do you want to make a change in your job? Do you think about starting a new career in the fitness field? Explore our entire section to help you discover more about the career of a personal trainer.

Find out more information about the qualifications required to start your own career as personal trainer. From the training certificates to the organizations that offer these certifications, check out our short guide to determine if this is the right job suitable for you. We also can assist you by offering training courses and a list of the most reputable UK training institutions that we collaborate with.

It’s simple, but besides possessing the appropriate characteristics the most crucial thing you’ll require is a valid personal training certification which is one recognized and accredited by a UK supplier.

What is a personal trainer?

A Personal Fitness Trainer is certified fitness professional who is able to work with all types of clients, to assist clients achieve their fitness and health goals. There are many reasons for people to pursue this field, but is it all about the salary of a personal trainer, you’ll find that salaries can differ widely depending on your skills and experience as well as the competition in your region.

What are the skills you need?

There are many skills you need to master to become an effective as a personal trainer. In this article, we’ve tried to provide a list of some however, not all of the essential capabilities. But, generally speaking you must also be the right person.

Knowledge And A Desire To Keep Learning

The best way to determine what works for one client over another is a matter of the right knowledge of health and diet. It is crucial to are aware of new developments and ideas in the field to make sure you give your clients the best possible guidance. This means you are updating your qualifications, evaluating new ideas and being knowledgeable. This will enable your clients to view yourself as an professional.


In order to be successful, you’ll have to convince your customer the success of their business is just as significant to you, as is it for them. You’ll need to be optimistic, positive and pro-active. Your clients will likely experience moments that are tough and they are ready quit. You must be able to inspire and keep them going through the lows. Another ability is to make sure that each client, regardless of whether they are with you towards the close of the workday, or at the beginning, gets the same amount of enthusiasm and energy.


You’ll need to be a skilled communication expert in a 1:1 situation and in order to instruct fitness classes that work well with an entire group. When you teach in a 1:1 setting, your communication skills will be tested by being attentive to what your customers’ wants are, and when appropriate, and remaining sensitive and compassionate, especially when your client is overweight and has issues with body image.

You’ll need to be aware of what to say when you need to. thing to your client when they are down, unhappy, or wants to give up however, you’ll also have to know how to motivate and praise. In classes with a group, you’ll have to be able to make yourself heard within a classroom and be able to deal in a group environment, when , for instance, people have a tendency to be active or disruptive within the class.


It’s the art of knowing how to press and provide assistance and also knowing when something isn’t going as planned and you’re required to redesign the program. In the case of the former, is concerned, your program may actually not be effective therefore you should be aware of the times when you must alter the way things are done. There will also be instances that your client requires firm love and those who require a compassionate listening ear.

What personal training courses and qualifications do you require?

To become a personal trainer in the UK you’ll require three or four items:

Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification

It’s also called the fitness instructor training. This allows you to become fitness instructor in a health club, gym or gym or health club in the UK. It is at the same level that you would receive in an GCSE. If you’re studying part-time, the course could take about 6 weeks . However, if study full-time it can take as long as 8 days.

In recent times, this isn’t mandatory as a pre-requisite to certain Level 3 qualifications. ALways make sure to check with the company that is providing for the level 3 course you’re studying however.

The Level 3 Personal Trainer Certification

This permits you to be an independent personal trainer within the UK. It is the same qualification as the A level as well as a BTEC National Diploma. If you’re taking a part-time course, this could take about five months. If you are studying full-time, it should take around three weeks. Be wary of courses with a duration of two weeks or less since they will only give you an A-level qualification.

Learn how vital UK personal trainer certifications are in our specialized guide.

First Aid Certificate

It is vital that you possess first aid certification in the event that a client sustains an injury while cooperating with. They are usually valid for three years.

Personal Trainer Insurance

It is true, but it is it is not a requirement of law within the UK. Personal trainer insurance protects yourself in the case that your client sustaining injuries while under your supervision. There shouldn’t be any circumstances that anyone is working in the field of personal training and not having insurance.

If a client gets injured while working with you they may choose to sue you over the injury. If the injury results in the employee being absent for a certain period of time you may also be held accountable for the loss of their income.

Where Can I Find A Certification for a PT Certification?

There are several various organizations that offer courses that will prepare you to work as personal trainer. One thing to keep in mind is that every course have to be approved with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’S).

If you become a personal trainer , you are able to be registered with REPS (although it isn’t required and provides very little) this is a means to ensure that the UK guarantees that professional standards are met. We have provided the top companies offering personal trainer training within the UK.

Additional Qualifications

It is always recommended to have a broad set of experience that will increase your marketability for potential clients looking for an individual trainer. Another suggestion is to examine the qualifications that will distinguish you from the rest.

A good example is to obtain a certificate in the field of dibates and obesity management. Or, you might be interested in working with children and be interested in a program on exercise for children.

The Benefits of Training as a personal trainer

Your company

If you don’t want to join the gym and risk losing the majority of your income and freedom, you’ll need to be able and willing to find out how to attract clients as personal trainers. There are a variety of methods to do this, and online marketing through is a good place to begin.

Working with People

It’s your company. If you’d like to be an extremely successful personal trainer, you have to build an effective connection with your client. So that you know what they want and need and design a program specifically for them. If you’re attracted to people and would like to know the reasons they are different, this job is a great way to do this.


A lot of personal trainers believe that there’s nothing better than helping someone else become fit and meet their goals. It is possible to assist somebody and make a significant impact on their lives.

Flexible working

This isn’t the typical 9-5 job. It is possible to work whenever you want, therefore this is a great job when you’re also looking after children or elderly relatives. You are able to assist clients in the in the morning, any time of the day, and also at weekends and in the evenings. The most successful trainers are at their beck and call, but the task can be as flexible as you’d like to create it.


Each client is not identical, in fact there are some who have particular medical conditions. This means that you will encounter an array of different clients during your life.


You might want to continue as a personal trainer as a self-employed trainer or decide to hire others as personal trainers. It is also possible to in the long run, establish your own fitness center, offer fitness classes, or even train others personal trainers. In this way, it’s an occupation that can be a path to other opportunities.

The “Cons” Of being a Personal Trainer

It’s tough

Personal trainers are highly competitive, and is a hard work that is demanding on your body, too. Check out our more information on the types of work that personal trainers are required to do and how they must take care of themselves. You’ll have to work long hours to be successful. It is also important to be aware of injuries and be attentive to your health.

Uncertain Income

It’s hard to estimate the amount of money you earn since people might change their schedules or gyms may decide to discontinue the services of a gym if, for example, they decide to alter their schedule of fitness classes. This could cause financial problems,

It’s a business

Many personal trainers believe they are just good in fitness, but it’s also about being able to market your services. You’ll need to market your services and ensure that you keep your customers. Additionally, you will need to learn some business-related skills such as advertising and maintaining good accounting records for the accountant.