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Everything You Need to Know About Vaser Liposuction

The most well-known methods for body shaping and fat removal in the present is definitely Vaser liposuction. Like everything else there are pros and cons that we’ll explore in this article. Make sure to stay to the end of this post as we address five additional questions you may have regarding the procedure. The main reason behind the plethora of people who want to get involved in this revolutionary cosmetic procedure is due to the amazing results it can bring.

It utilizes high-tech ultrasonic technology to eliminate excess fat from areas of your body that you would like to be slimmer, and also aids in shaping and contouring your body to create the body shape you desire. The distinction between this procedure and other types of liposuction is that it’s not invasive, and involves the removal of small fatty deposits from specific areas to ensure that surrounding and unrelated tissues aren’t damaged in the procedure.

In simple terms simply, the ultrasonic waves are directed at the fat deposits, and they break them into pieces. While it’s effective it is, do not be rushing into having vaser lipo as you must be certain that it is the treatment you desire as there is always a risk associated with any kind of surgical procedure.

The best way to start first is to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons who are experienced and can address any concerns you may have.
Before you decide whether this is the right option for you it is important to go over the advantages and disadvantages, to get the complete picture of this kind of lipo. This is what we’re going to cover in the next article to assist you with this decision.

Vaser Lipo Manchester Pros

Let’s begin on a positive foot and examine the numerous reasons to as many people who have gone before, opt to go ahead and undergo this type of cosmetic treatment for removing fat. Particularly, if you’re looking to choose between vaser or regular lipo:

Vaser lipo is not invasive and extremely secure. It offers a shorter recovery time than traditional lipo, and many patients are returning to work in several days, and fully recovering from swelling and pain that are associated with the procedure in three to four weeks.

The effects are visible within a matter of minutes in certain cases with minimal swelling, but within 12 weeks in the majority of cases, meaning it’s not necessary to cover your skin for too long after receiving the treatment before you are able to reap the effects.

Because it uses specialized ultrasonic technology, surgeons, doctors and specialists specially trained can precisely target the areas that require removal of fat. In conventional lipo, fat is usually removed away from general areas, which could cause damage to tissues around it and increase the time to recover and reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Due to the ultrasonic technology employed in this procedure, just a few small cuts are required for the fluid that aids in the suction portion of the procedure to be injectable. The skin is not affected by the procedure and you’ll feel less swelling, pain and even bleeding as a result.

Not just is the time for recovery quicker, but also the actual duration of this procedure is significantly faster than conventional techniques for liposuction. Research has confirmed this.

Because it is able to provide more specific and precise body contouring, this means you will have a more well-defined and attractive body form. It not only helps to eliminate excess fat and unwanted fat and excess fat, but it also assists to smooth those difficult parts of your body.

Vaser Liposuction Cons

To be fair even though we believe Vaser lipo is an efficient and safe procedure, it is important to know that, like many surgical procedures, just like there are pros and cons but there are also several disadvantages to performing this procedure.

Since Vaser the procedure is less-invasive procedure than regular liposuction, the scars will be less noticeable. However, it’s important to note that they will not disappear completely. It’s all dependent on the area of the body being treated in addition to other factors. It is crucial when selecting the correct plastic surgeon to perform this type of procedure that you select one with experience in decreasing the chance of having scars and the severity of them. Also, one who is open right from the beginning about them.

Although it is not common, some patients are reported to suffer from a certain degree of discomfort and numbness in the affected area for a few weeks following the procedure. The majority of patients return to working within three days. The doctor who is performing the procedure should be able to advise you on the best way to speed up your recovery process, as well as giving you tips to reduce the severity and long the pain and numbness persists.

A lot of modern cosmetic procedures have visible results in a short time This is typically the situation with Vaser lipo. However, sometimes the first results are less obvious due to the swelling.

It could take two to three months before the inflammation completely subsides. It can take an additional 2 to 3 weeks for your skin to fully tighten over the area that was treated. Because of this, you could need to wait between 4-6 months before seeing the final result. It could take some time to evaluate and determine how effective the treatment was and how satisfied you are.

It is possible to put the weight back on, but it will be distributed the weight to another part in your body. It is important to continue living an active and healthy lifestyle.

The most frequent adverse effects that can be triggered by Vaser the procedure is swelling. While it’s usually not severe however, there are some patients who may experience more serious episodes of inflammation right after the procedure. This could mean that you’ll require a specific medication during the healing period.

The pros and cons listed above weren’t compiled to completely turn off you or make it difficult to make you follow the rules. The purpose was to provide a clearer understanding of the procedure and highlight the positive aspects and the negative aspects.

Why You Should Get Vaser Lipo with Us

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to cosmetic surgery, just as with any type of cosmetic procedure, is to make sure that you select the correct procedure and surgeon for the procedure. Many people make the error of trying to rush having the procedure done, and fail to make the right choices as they’re in a rush to get the results.

We have a group of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons who have the expertise and experience to carry out safe, low-risk , and completely noninvasive Vaser lipo. If you’re looking to learn more about the procedure itself and our costs, or about our top-of-the-line professionals, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and warm customer service staff can answer the majority of your questions. They will also schedule you to a consultation appointment. In this consultation you’ll learn details about the procedure and discuss with your surgeon the areas you’d like to have the procedure done and the reasons behind it.

5 Things You Need to Be aware of about Vaser Liposuction Answers to FAQ’s

1. What exactly is it?

If you are looking to eliminate the stubborn fat areas, Linia offers liposuction and liposculpture treatments. Utilizing the most advanced techniques, cellulite can be eliminated from virtually any area of the body or face to enhance the appearance of the skin, giving it the appearance of a slimmer face. Many areas can be treated at the same time, with the most sought-after locations to undergo Liposculpture include the stomach area, legs, buttocks, chin , and male chest.

2. Why is it so popular and what are the advantages?

In spite of our efforts to eat a balanced diet, and to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body, many of us discover that there are certain areas of our bodies that we are unable to shed stubborn fat. For women, the most commonly the areas of concern are the hips, the inner and outer thighs, upper arms buttocks, knees , and abdomen. While men typically have lower levels of body fat total than women, it is more likely to build up around their abdomens and waists beneath the chin, and, sometimes, on their breasts. Liposuction can reduce or eliminate those fat deposits permanently, leading to the loss of weight and inches, along with more attractive shape. The fat cells are thought not to grow in adulthood and therefore, their removal will result in an unaffected change to your shape, regardless of any changes in your body weight. However, it won’t hinder you from gaining weight in the future.

3. What are the potential risks and the likely effects?

Cosmetic Surgery, just like other procedure, is the creation of a “trauma” on the body, and there are risks that come with every procedure. Every person’s body is unique and your overall fitness, health age, genetic profile and other factors can all impact in the rate of recovery, and as well on the possibility of adverse side effects. If you drink alcohol, smoke or are overweight, and/or use medications for medical or other reasons, the chance of complications during and following surgery is greatly elevated. Smoking cigarettes, for instance, is not recommended due to the chance of both wound healing, infection as well as thrombosis (blood blood clots). Following liposuction, it is common for all patients to feel tired and swelling, as well as pain, bleeding and the sensation of numbness. The bigger the area that is that is treated, the more severe the symptoms may be. The most frequently reported result of this procedure is bumps under the skin’s surface as well as the formation of irregular, hard bumps that appear beneath the surface. It is normal and it will diminish in the months and weeks following the procedure, which is aided by frequent, regular and thorough massage. More severe bruising is possible especially if you have an inclination to bleed or are taking anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin. This is why we will check your clotting profile as well as your complete blood count prior to the procedure. A serious infection is extremely rare however, the areas that were treated may be inflamed, and there may occasionally be a little oozing from the wounds. Sometimes, skin irregularities could result, which might require additional liposuction to correct.

4. How long will it take to recover?

The surgeon will visit you after you’ve returned from anaesthetic to ensure that everything is in order. The nurse will then assist you to put on a comfortable pressure-fitting garment over the affected area to support the treated area and lessen swelling. The majority of patients are discharged on the same day, however, sometimes an overnight stay is recommended if you’ve had multiple locations treated. After leaving, you will receive medication and instructions for post-operative care, along with phone numbers should you require assistance anytime.

Week 1 – 2

There will be some discomfort and discomfort for the initial days following the procedure, but especially after the effects of the anaesthetic begin to fade. It can be managed with regular medications that we offer. There may be pinkish fluid drainage from the sites of incision for a few days. This is normal, and the dressings will take it in. The pressure garment must be worn all throughout the day and at night, for the next two weeks, although you are able to remove it to wash or shower. The next six weeks the garment must be worn “most all the time”. There are times when you might “feel” as well or “imagine” your body to feel larger than before surgery! This is also normal and entirely because of post-operative swelling and the loss of fluid that will diminish. The treated areas will remain tender and sore, and you may be stiff and tired. It is possible for you to resume work shortly following treatment, but we’d suggest taking some time off from work whenever possible. In the second week, you will feel less pain and the bruising will be less. The nurse will visit you to check up on you around 7-10 days following the surgery. The nurse will take out the stitches that haven’t disintegrated and the dressing removed.

Week 8-10

The surgeon will visit you once more, typically between 8 and 10 weeks after the procedure to conduct a thorough post-operative consult. You should see visible signs of improvement and the tiny marks will begin to fade. Numbness and swelling are likely to last for a few months. We generally advise not to anticipate the complete results for anything between 6 and 9 months.