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Reasons To Use Orthotics

The pain of your feet can affect you in variety different ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from bunions, foot deformities, or any other ankle or foot issue the custom orthotic inserts will fit in your shoes and provide the stability your ankles and feet require to alleviate discomfort. Orthotics can also reduce the risk of injury to the ankle or foot.

Here are a few of the reasons our knowledgeable team of care experts may recommend you to try custom orthotics.

1. Relief from the pain

When creating your customized orthotics, we aim to provide support and cushioning to your feet in the areas you require it, removing the pressure points that create acute and chronic discomfort. Orthotics can ease problems such as:

Arches with arches that are high or flat
Plantar fasciitis and heel pain
Pain from arthritis
Corns, hammertoes and bunions and calluses

You may not be aware of the extent to which your ankles and feet feel pain until they disappear. A better support system can change your everyday life, significantly cutting down on the overall amount of pain in your body.

2. Support is discrete and discreet.

If you’re concerned about the visibility or appearance of orthotics, you may be surprised by how well orthotics made to order can be concealed! In the majority of cases you can put orthotic inserts inside formal or athletic footwear. Orthotics that are specially designed can be made for high heels and sandals.

3. Prevention of injury

Additional support for your ankles and feet greatly reduces the risk of developing further ankle or foot injuries, such as fractures and strains. Your orthotics create a sturdy surface that helps your leg and foot movements, preventing over-extension or strain. Ankle braces are best solution to avoid sprains or torn ligaments.

4. You’ll feel more comfortable during your exercise

With the proper support for your feet, you can push yourself to the limit in the gym or on the track without having to worry about injuries or ongoing foot discomfort. When you exercise comfortably, you may be able to stick to your resolutions for the New Year! If you have foot problems or foot deformities, you might require orthotics on a regular basis to enable you to exercise or run with no fear of injury or discomfort.

5. Precise fit

When we recommend your customized orthotics, we take into consideration your ankles and feet considering the type of footwear you’d like to put on and any relevant information that is derived from your medical background. Custom orthotics are made to precisely fit your foot and are particularly beneficial when you have more difficult foot issues.