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What type of breast implants are on offer?

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Reductions and enhancements to breasts are no longer reserved for super-rich or famous people These procedures are now more readily available performed both on the NHS as well as privately. Surgery specialists have responded to the ever-changing needs of patients. Innovative surgical techniques mean that plastic surgery has become more natural as it has ever been. Women who used to be hesitant at the thought of looking done and looking good are now turning to cosmetic surgery that lets women look and feel beautiful and not be able to tell they’ve undergone surgery.

Are they secure?

Every procedure is not without risk however, based on fifty years of experience, since the first breast implants, it is clear that breast augmentation is a secure and reliable procedure in general. The PIP scandal of 2012 – in which implants constructed using unapproved silicone fillers were found to have twice the rate of rupture as other implants, and affecting 47,000 women across the UK certainly caused a lot of damage to the field, however it’s crucial to keep in mind that it was due to an individual criminal act by one company, not an issue that affects the whole field of breast augmentation. In the same way, BIA-ALCL, which is the type of cancer that is that is caused by breast implants, is extremely rare, but treated. It is a problem that affects one out of 300,000 patients who have breast implants.It is also a given that any procedure is secure if performed by a trained and qualified surgeon.

What kinds of implants for breast enlargement are available?

Implants are available in various shapes (i.e. heights) and are available in teardrop or round forms they can also be smooth or smooth or. Although many women think they are aware of their desires but a thorough consultation – including an 3D scan of the body, to model the appearance she’d get when she has a particular implant and size – is vital to ensure that the final outcome can be the most natural it can be.

The most well-known enhancement for breasts is a submuscular procedure it is when implants are placed beneath the breast muscle. It is the form of a teardrop, which is softer towards the top.

What is the size of the cup? Is this an individual decision?

Yes, absolutely. A majority of women have a accurate idea of what size they’d like it to have but surgeons shouldn’t advise an exact size, other than to warn against going beyond the boundaries of what’s feasible for the body of a specific woman.

Are there alternative to implant surgery?

There are other options that involve fat grafting, which is becoming more popular. It is basically the same procedure in two steps, beginning by removing fat from different areas of the body, such as the buttocks, thighs, or the abdomen using liposuction that is minimally invasive and then re-using that identical, pure fat to improve and shape the breasts.

What happens during the procedure?

In the process implants are placed via a small cut, typically located along the natural fold of the breast. The procedure generally takes around one hour and the amount of time you’ll have to stay in hospital will vary on the specific situation, however it’s not usually longer than 24 hours.

What are the chances of recovery?

Most patients require basic painkillers in those first couple of days following surgery. You should plan the week off from work to ensure you are not required however most patients state that they feel like they’re a fraud by three or four days! If you work in an office you are likely to return to work in just a few days. But, picking up young children or driving them should be avoided during the first two weeks and you should be cautious about sexual activities during the first week.

Furthermore, strenuous exercises such as horse-riding, running as well as heavy workouts must be avoided for a period of up to six weeks. Conserving energy to heal your body after surgery is the most effective approach to decrease the risk of complications.

How long will implants last?

Implants for breasts should be examined by a surgeon at least 10 years after surgery. Implants aren’t designed to last for a long time however, if you’re not having any issues, there is no need to test or replace implants. If however, implants that were implanted earlier in life it is likely that they will require replacement at some moment.

Are you aware that you may lose your sense of touch in your nipples?

Although it’s a well-known problem, it’s extremely rare and more likely to happen when an operation is done using implants that are very large. It can happen occasionally, however, it usually heals within some months.

In the end, do you have to feed your baby?

Implants for breastfeeding are secure and feasible. But, in terms of appearance, pregnancy will alter the appearance of breasts regardless of whether you’ve implanted them or not, and may result in the breasts looking stretched out. Many women seek surgery to improve their breasts’ appearance after having babies.