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5 Reasons People Read Blogs

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With constantly evolving marketing trends, Google’s fluid algorithms, and the shift in the way that people search for information, you might be wondering how many people search for blogs and read them?

The answer, naturally it is yes!

According to a recent survey conducted by HubSpot 60 percent of internet users read blogs. What’s the reason? What exactly are they trying to achieve by taking a look at their books? According to the study there are three main motives, which we’ll be discussing in this article. We’d like to move it up a notch and share a few additional things we’ve learned from listening to our readers and web site users.

Five Reasons Why People Read Blogs Such As Roost & Roam

They want to learn something Different

In today’s DIY world there is a common thing that internet users are searching for is how to complete something. Perhaps they’re looking to build your own cabinets for kitchen use or maybe they’re looking to learn how to improve the marketing of their business (that’s most likely why that you’re reading this!). They are searching for more information about something.

Blog posts that aid users through a process, such as tutorial videos, information or simply provide a new idea is the kind of posts which receive a significant amount of traffic from search engines.

The articles don’t need to be a step-by-step guide that includes steps-by-step directions, neither. They could simply provide in-depth details on something, thus giving readers information they didn’t already have. People are hungry for knowledge.

They want to be entertained

Everyone needs entertainment. That’s why we have TVs, video game systems and computers for a lot of people (when they’re not in work or in school). Reading is an excellent way to entertain yourself. Particularly when the subject is amusing or humorous.

In reality, during moments of boredom, you might be searching for a specific topic. You may be reading about it, becoming attracted by a particular topic that is a subtopic of the blog and then researching more information about thattopic, until you’re far away from the original topic that you’re not even able to remember the way you came to this point. “Going down an endless rabbit hole” like my friend Valerie calls it (and she frequently does it! ).

They want to research their Industry

Consider the reason you’re here. Perhaps you’re a company seeking marketing advice. Perhaps you’re a fellow marketing professional. Perhaps you’re Valerie thinking about why I mentioned you on this blog. If you’re among the first two you might be conducting studies in your field. In this case, you’re in marketing. The constantly changing trends are something we need to keep up to date in our field – and we certainly have to!

However, it’s not limited to marketing. If the reader is an art business and is a painter, they could be reading blogs on how painting works, new developments using different types of paint, as well as other bits of information to aid them in running their business.

People are curious

Some blogs aren’t that are trying to promote something. Indeed, blogs of companies that sell products usually have a nice mixture of non-business-related topics too (if they’re doing it correctly!)

A lot of people use the internet and read blogs to satisfy their interest. Many people are interested by the insider’s view of someone else’s life. The blog reading experience is similar to getting a glimpse into an individual’s journal. Yes, it may sound strange. But isn’t this the same motive behind watching movies and TV shows? In order to feel that we’re looking into the lives of someone else – whether it’s authentic or not.

People are looking to connect and Feel Like They Are Part Of Something

Personal connections can be lost when you’re not socializing with your friends or over the phone. Engaging with blogs, reading them, engaging with them, making a post and expressing your opinion These are all activities that can create a personal bond.

The interaction is not only private, but many people would like to feel they’re not the only ones. It is possible that they’ve initially looked to find someone else experiencing the same issues as they’re having. Finding someone experiencing similar issues creates the feeling of a personal connection as well as a feeling of belonging.

While these are only five reasons why people visit blog posts, they have many other reasons. Blogs are a popular trend that won’t be going away anytime very soon. Have you stopped to think about why you’re reading them?