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Considerations of Lip Fillers

Lips that are full and plump is usually thought of as an indicator of health, youthfulness, as well as beauty. If you’re born with lips that are naturally thin or have one that is bigger that the others, or realizing that the natural ageing process is making the lips to become thin and thin, you shouldn’t accept the way you are. We provide the lip filler service that will help you achieve more natural-looking and plumper lips through an easy and quick procedure.

If you’ve never experienced a cosmetic procedure in the past, the idea of getting lip injections could seem a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we decided to outline some pros and cons and allow you to make your own mind decision on whether lip fillers are right for you. And if they don’t work then you’re able to talk to us to get more information and guidance.

When is it time to consider lip fillers Newcastle?

Your lips have always been thin which disappear as you smile.
Your lips are getting thinner becoming less plump as you get older.
Lips that are thin can affect your confidence in yourself.
Your face will appear and feel more well-balanced when your lips were fuller.

The pros and cons of lip fillers

There are numerous advantages associated with lip fillers. They include:

The procedure is not invasive and will not leave unsightly lines on your face.
The procedure is fast and fairly pain-free. All you need is several injections to make sure your filler is in the proper place in your lips.
The healing process is nearly immediate. You might experience a slight tingling around the site of the injection afterward however, you are able to carry on your normal routine following the procedure.
Lip fillers are generally an indefinite treatment and if you’re unhappy with how your lips appear, you’ll be able to rest assured it will fade off after a few months.
The treatment can be customized to your needs which allows the practitioner to collaborate with your practitioner to reach the level you desire of completeness.

The pros and cons of lip fillers

Like everything else in life there are a variety of possible negatives to lip fillers. We are remiss if did not offer both aspects of the issue:

The fact that lip fillers is that the procedure needs to be repeated at least every couple of months to maintain the desired lips fullness.
It is possible that your lips will appear uneven and unsymmetrical following the procedure.
There is a risk of having an allergic reaction the filler, but we will conduct a pre-test to determine the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction.
The effects are only temporary, so you’ll need the procedure performed every two or three times per year to maintain more luscious lips. This could be expensive and long-lasting.

We hope this information has answered many of your questions and helped you decide whether or not you should have lip fillers. If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and give you guidance.