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Menswear: How To Dress

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In the present, it seems that the last thing we need has more guidelines. But good advice is invaluable and, as menswear grows more affluent and diverse, during times of self-doubt and uncertainty it’s beneficial to have a valuable fall-back option that you can count on. These “rules” tend to be founded in history and should always be based on prudence – they’ve worked for generations which is why they’re relevant as well today.

1. Dress in a suit that is suitable for you.

Modesty is key here. If you are buying off the rack make sure the shoulders fit properly as they can be easily altered to fit your chest and waist. If this is the primary or only suit, be wary of trends as well as “time piece” suits that may look great in the store but can be overstating the presence of your attire. These types of suits are often very short lived and start to look like a fashion statement after a while. Classic is best and most effective – dark, two-button, single-breasted, moderate in details. It is important to think of the suit as a canvas that you can build your own ideas of individuality around. It’s the way the suit is worn, and not the brand inside, that impresses.

2. Find a fantastic watch

A watch for males is like a work art. They are able to express your style with a glance. If you’re planning to have one quality watch be sure it’s functional, while still being practical and not overbearing. Functional, stylish, and attractive models are suitable for all occasions and can take the hard knocks of everyday wear. The standard size for a watch is the 40mm, but be aware that when it comes to the wrist size this is only an approximate guideline. The fit should always relate to the height of the person that is wearing it.

3. Be confident with color.

No matter if it’s casual or formal an edgy splash is something that you must indulge in. Many men are scared of it and prefer mostly navy and grey however color can be timeless too. We suggest pinks, greens mustard, and lighter shades of blue. They are well-suited colors throughout the year. They will lift your entire outfit. Remember, when you’re thinking about color, less is still more one piece of an outfit will do.

4. Wear your jeans often

A fashionable Jeans are the slim taper. It’s more wide in the thigh , so it is comfortable, yet it narrows to allow you to wear casual or semi formal footwear. Your jeans are an essential in your wardrobe and you shouldn’t be hesitant to wear them till they are worn out and comfortable.

5. Look after your appearance

This is the type of advice you’d want to receive from your mom. You’ve put money into all these things, so you must take care of these items. Get some sturdy hangers Dry clean your clothes, use the gentle cycle while using the machine to wash, and avoid drying your clothes in tumbles. Clean and polish your shoes frequently and always press your pants and shirts whenever you can. This is the same for your hair. Make sure you brush your hair and teeth regularly and shower. Style your hair or clip your nails to take care to trim any hair you don’t want.

6. The right quality underwear can help you feel amazing

Make sure that your underwear is chosen so that you are at ease and confident. There’s no bigger annoyance than underwear that is sewed everywhere. Also keep in mind that when you’re working out there is a good chance that someone will notice you in your underwear, so ensure that it is properly fitted and is stylish and subdued.

7. Shoes that are great make the man

No matter if you’re dressed formally or just going for a walk, choose a high-quality shoe that’s not too busy and branded. Cheap shoes lose their form and are very restricted in the kind of outfit they can go with. Many men’s magazines state they believe that footwear is the primary element in making a great first impression. Therefore, make sure that they’re a good pair and that they are properly maintained.

8. Reduce the amount of accessories you have.

One of the best ways to be noticed in a crowd is to dress in bright colors and patterns, however, it’s not always the attention you’re seeking. It is best to make your accessories minimal accents, and opt to pieces that have small texture. This approach will also serve you well when blending your accessories with other clothing, as it will tend to complement your outfits. Naturally, there are times to wear bold style, however as a general rule of thumb for the general fashion of men it is recommended to choose subtlety over brashness.

9. Take note of yourself

Certain people are able to enter a room and get noticed, no matter the clothes they are wearing. They portray an air about themselves, and this is confidence. Select clothes that will boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable in your own body. There’s nothing worse than someone being given a dress code even if it doesn’t suit their personal style.

10. Make sure to remember where you are

It’s crucial to be in tune with your attire to the event. It’s likely you’ll wear a more conservative attire when attending a black tie dinner than at a fund-raising event that has dancers. Over dressing or under dressing will usually make you feel uncomfortable , and your confidence can be harmed.

11. Glasses aren’t only for your eyes

A nice pair of glasses will tie your wardrobe together. Make sure to get something that goes for a look you want to create and not feel embarrassed to wear the glasses. Glasses that are fashionable and trendy are an crucial element of your appearance.

12. Choose your outerwear wisely

It used to be that a coat that matched to any occasion was typically wool, and did not do well in harsh conditions. Today , with the numerous styles and fabrics available in outerwear there’s always an outfit that is both lightweight and practical. It is important to ensure that it can be worn to a variety of outfits from casual to formal.

13. A basic shirt can be a great choice.

You might be surprised to learn that a basic t-shirt as long as it’s well pressed is likely to be the most useful item of clothing you could own. A properly pressed shirt that has a collar but without tie is also suitable for the majority of the events you’ll take part in.

These guidelines are an outline for people starting out into their own style, but keep in mind that with a bit of time rules can be altered as you become more confident with your appearance fashionable. Stick to these basics and then add some flair once you’re prepared and you will never make a mistake.