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Pros And Cons Of Buying An Ex Demo Car

Are you considering buying yourself a car that’s brand new? Maybe you’re ready to spend on a family-friendly SUV that can accommodate your little ones. Perhaps they’ve all grown up and left to the next level, and this is an ideal time to reduce your size and get the sporty vehicle you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Whatever your circumstance is, it’s sensible to at least be aware of all the possibilities available to you. When purchasing a car the majority of people choose between brand new and used cars. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, however there’s a third option that you might not have considered.

Ex-demo cars can be the perfect solution. However, before you begin searching the showrooms for the ideal car, it is logical to first find the answers to a few important questions. What exactly does an “ex demo car’ actually mean? Are demo cars worth the money? Where is the best place to purchase an old demo vehicle within the UK? Let Jardine to assist you in working through it all…

What is “ex demo car What does it mean to be ex demo car?

Ex demo or “ex demo vehicles are those that were previously used in showrooms and dealerships as displays. They could be driven by other customers or staff members to test drive and could have driven some extra miles than what you’d expect from a brand new car. There are many reasons the demo vehicles are worth purchasing…

The benefits of buying an old demo car The pros and cons

Let’s begin with the positives, shall we?

Excellent Condition

The good thing is that since demo vehicles have spent much of their time on display at the dealership, they will be in top condition. They’ll have been maintained visually and mechanically – in order to attract buyers and make you feel sure when purchasing an old demo vehicle that it’s top-quality and without any faults or problems to be concerned about.

Higher Specification

In addition many dealerships are eager to showcase the top models they sell, and you might find the cars that were demoed have top quality technology and features. These features may not be available as standard on a number of the models available and it’s worth it to purchase an ex demo vehicle and enjoy the many extra features available. Learn more at this motoring blog.

Incredible Value

The two benefits mentioned above will come with an additional cost – an increase in the price of purchase. But, purchasing an ex demo vehicle is a bit different from buying an entirely new model, due to the fact that it’s already driven and tested. This means a lower cost, which allows you to leave knowing that you’ve found a bargain on a top-quality car.

Buy an old demo car The pros and cons

It’s also crucial to weigh all the pros and negatives of purchasing an old test car. Here are a few negative aspects you may want to think about.

Reduced Choice

One of the disadvantages of purchasing an old demo car is that you might be limited in the selection of cars to pick from. The larger dealers can offer hundreds or even thousands of used and new cars and, therefore, even if you’ve got an exact model in mind, you’re likely to be able to locate a model that is suitable for. If you’re looking at demo vehicles that are no longer in production however, it’s likely that you’ll have to choose from an incredibly limited choice.

More Mileage

The majority of demo vehicles are used only as display models for a couple of months however, even over the relatively short amount of time, they’ll rack up the miles, especially when they’re a favorite choice with other customers. If you’d like your car to be new and fresh from the factory and you’re looking to buy an old demo vehicle isn’t for you.

The Warranty is dated

Another thing to take into consideration is that the manufacturer’s warranty begins as soon as the car is registered with the dealer. If you’re purchasing an old demo vehicle that’s been sitting on the showroom area for two months you’ll be two months into the warranty before you’ve had a the chance to take it out to test drive. This may not be enough to deter you from buying a car however, it’s something you’ll need to be aware of in the future.

Is it safe to purchase an electric vehicle that was demoed?

The purchase of an old demo electric vehicle is as secure as buying a petrol or diesel motor. The cars will have been similarly well-maintained and tested and checked to the highest standard. In reality, there are many advantages when you purchase an old demo electric vehicle.

The obvious benefit is the fact that electric cars are much more sustainable and the government provides the maximum amount of PS2,500 (figure up to the month of March, 2021) to be used towards the cost of purchasing a vehicle in order to encourage more motorists to switch to electric vehicles. The global drive to reduce carbon emissions has prompted manufacturers to focus more on EVs and this means that there is an increased selection of vehicles to pick from.

What is the ideal moment to purchase an old demonstration car?

If you conduct your own research and do your homework, you could be able to get a better bargain. For instance, if there are new models due to be released soon, it’s likely that dealers will need to move the models they have so that they can show the latest versions. If new releases are anticipated in the next weeks, it could be the ideal moment to purchase an old test vehicle.

The good thing is that you can choose your next car without leaving the comforts of your own home. The coronavirus epidemic, along with the trend of shifting customer behavior which means that shopping online is becoming increasingly popular as an option for car enthusiasts across the nation.