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The Trapstar x Puma Venture

London vibes have started to seep across U.S. soil in recent moments. They’ve been displaying themselves as tracksuits and soccer jerseys, running shoes, and even grime. This is a perfect fit for the crew in Trapstar London, who have an alliance with Puma currently in the planning stages.

In the past photos of a red and black Disc Blaze were posted online on the Internet and we were sure it was a smart move by Puma as well as Trapstar. The UK streetwear brand, famous for its black-and-white-colored clothing and a growing fanbase, hadn’t launched sneakers until now. However, its first pair looked good with its premium red and black leather. This made Disc Blaze palatable for those who were not familiar with the brand.

This wasn’t an unplanned collaboration between Trapstar. The growing London label was engaged with Puma for several years and finally everything was put in place, leading to the release of the sneakers on December 5, the shoes, with more to come.

To gain a better understanding of the concept We had a chat with Mikey Trapstar who is the creative director behind the brand. The following are his thoughts.

How did you become a work for Puma?

It’s been a while. I talked to them back in 2012 however, it wasn’t the appropriate moment. We didn’t get what we wanted using silhouettes while we worked on forming our business. We reconnected with contact last year and ensured that we got the job done.

Why is there a Disc Blaze?

The moment we connected, that’s the sneakers I was wearing. I was wearing white sneakers made by Sophia Chang. Many people prefer the Suede however, that’s the one I was wearing. It was a personal decision.

Is Puma similar to in London?

It’s growing. It’s becoming more integrated into the street culture. It’s becoming more accepted than just the clothing but also the footwear aspect too. They’ve been more focused on making the brand more accessible to the city.

Are the brand’s name big in the grime world?

There were guys who resembled Section Boyz wearing the brand. There were also brands in 2002, at the time that grime was a thing and were worn by pioneers like Wiley. The top three rappers currently include Stormzy, Novelist, and Section Boyz, and they’re all aligned with brand names. This means that Puma has a tie-up along with Section Boyz. They’ve been sporting it, but not as influencers. You can watch photos of them sporting the suits right from the head down, which they purchased for themselves. That’s real. This will be a major factor into London the history of culture. Also, there’s Krept and Konan that aren’t considered grime per se however they’re among the top hip-hop artists across the UK. They’ve been endorsed by Puma for about two or three years. If you look back at the last 10 years you’ll find it’s similar to Tommy Hilfiger and Wu-Tang.

Are you creating products in the hope that it will take off across the States?

I’m back and forth from here. I’ve met some real people outside the business. It’s the “London” person wherever I go. I’m not worried about whether it’s going to take off. I create something that is representative of us. We’re bringing our culture to the world and we’ll export. We began to make many soccer jerseys and you can now find a lot of artists sporting these jerseys. I’m not sure if we began an trend. I would wear an Arsenal jersey whenever I was in the UK. The sneakers are paired with a football-themed jersey and a football jersey. We wouldn’t be able to come up with the basketball or baseball jersey, and believe that we made a statement for ourselves and the brand. When I surf the Internet and see Young Thug wearing the soccer uniform I think, “OK,” because I’m a huge fan of his music. This is how I’d like my brand to stand out.

What made you pick the colors of the shoes?

This White Noise print came about in 2007, however we did not have the manufacturing connections to create as an over-all print. However, now that we’re producing things in Italy and can make this print. It’s exactly the thing I wanted our brand to be recognized for, along with black and a some red. There were times that you visited our website and see nothing but black with a hint red. The black and red is always one of our colors for Trap. White Noise White Noise is a catching-on thing that symbolizes “20/20 sight.” If you’re able to discern the flaws in people’s appearances this is known as”the” White Noise print. The Dark Knight’s logo is always black with some red. The first sneaker was designed for people who were fans of the brand prior to the time that it was released. White Noise came out.

Do you prefer to own a clothing brand or have your own sneakers?

It’s crazy. This is why I’m disappointed to not have my shoes in my shoes right this moment. As the creative director for an organization, I would like to to wear my clothes right from head to foot someday. I have my own pair of jeans and jackets, T-shirts and jackets as well as my own shoes that I’ve been a part of and that other people have fucked with. It’s huge. I would have wished I had worn the sneakers for a period of six months prior to when they were released. It’s a huge thing since I was raised spending the majority of my money on sneakers. I’ve never queued. I’ve had to pay extra, however. I’ve sold and kept, I haven’t worn. I’ve even bought two. I’ve put in. I believe it’s the right time for people who been with me for the past 10 years to buy the sneakers, and everyone is collecting sneakers nowadays. They’re becoming more important than clothes since we wear their clothes from the bottom. What I wear on my feet will determine what I wear to my body.

You’re an Arsenal fan the kits they use are manufactured by Puma. Do you find it strange that you’re working with the company?

It’s a strange coincidence that I’m an advocate for Arsenal and have an Arsenal-branded sneaker. When I put these sneakers onto my foot, it’s an amazing sensation. It’s also not one-time event. We’re working on more than the things people are likely to observe. It’s humbling. It’s not luck, and I wouldn’t consider it a right. I took my nephew to few games. He’s an Arsenal enthusiast. He is more knowledgeable than I am. When he visits my room the only thing he watch is sports. I took him to the stadium on his birthday. I gifted him with a couple kits and then had them signed by him. It’s certainly a bonus. That’s lucky.

It’s not just the one brand Puma has partnered with. What’s it like being in the same company as those like Rihanna?
It’s even more humiliating, since they aren’t required to play with you. They still wanted us. They’re selecting only the very most outstanding.