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What To Know About Silk

One among the best-known and long-lasting textiles, silk has gained the respect of its gorgeous appearance as well as its luxurious feel and positive benefits (after all, it’s true that the expression “smooth like silk” isn’t a new concept! ).

Originating within Ancient China -and then quickly gaining reputation among the top sought-after exports — to its present position as an exquisite and beautiful material silk has been dazzling the world around to this day.

To fully understand the factors that make this extraordinary material make it stand out, let’s look at the 8 incredible benefits silk offers!

What are the benefits of Silk?

Soft & Luxurious

Silk’s status as a high-end fabric is due to its luxurious feel and soft, elegant look. These characteristics explain how silk became associated in the world of fashion for generations (in the actuality, Ancient China once restricted the silk use to the royals only!) With its silky, shiny texture and silky wrinkle-free appearance, it remains a popular option for duvets, pillowcases sheets, bedding, accessories and many more.

Naturally sourced

Another reason why silk stands out is due to its natural genesis. Silk is a natural fiber that is derived from silkworms’ cocoons. In order to extract silk filaments, the filaments are softened , then unwound before being weaved together to form silk threads. The silk’s lustrous fabric is also derived naturally from a protein known as “fibroin” gives the fabric its sparkling sheen in absence of sunlight. A tip for you: synthetic “silk” can be distinguished from the natural equivalent by examining the lustre of a particular fabric — the synthetic version doesn’t have the same shine like the real thing!


Another wonderful feature of silk is it naturally regulates temperature which is ideal for keeping you cool during summer, and warm in winter. Since it’s composed of fine, light natural fibers, it permits better air circulation than synthetic fabrics and is perfect for regulating body heat. This makes silk extremely comfortable (even better than cotton!) with excellent moisture-wicking capabilities.

Silk sheets, the thermoregulating quality of this fabric means that there’s no need to swap to a more airy more breathable summer duvet as the temperature rises because silk duvets are cool and comfortable no matter what the weather. They’re the ideal choice for comfort all year round and a better overall sleep. They provide excellent warmth, while also keeping you from becoming too hot.

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Strong & Durable

While its beautiful appearance creates an illusion of softness silk actually is one of the strongest natural fibers that are available. In actuality one silk filament is stronger than a similar steel filament! Because these filaments bind to each other and stick together silk has a high Tensile strength and is extremely robust, making it less likely to tear or break — even after years of usage.

Silk is naturally impervious to dust and odours. Silk is able to stand up to most damage that can extend the life of silk even more!


Silk is an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies and sensitivities because it’s one of the hypoallergenic fabrics on the market. Originating from its nature to protect silk is a great repellant for dust mites, and wards off mold and bacteria. Silk fibres also are very long and are non-abrasive, meaning there’s no chance of irritation to the skin or dermatitis when the fabric brushes up against your skin.

Moisturizing & Non-Inflammatory

In comparison to other fabrics, such as cotton, silk is less able to absorb moisture from your skin as you’re asleep. Silk fibers are silky and tightly wound. As a result, your skin’s natural oils as well as any moisturizers you might apply will remain in place over the course of your sleep. Silk is an excellent choice for people suffering from acne or skin inflammation as silk’s hydrating properties are maintained as well as being natural antibacterial and cooling and soothing on the skin.


Since it assists your skin to retain its moisturizing elements silk is also believed to have anti-aging benefits. Silk’s smooth texture creates less friction on the skin’s surface. It doesn’t leave any marks keeping premature ageing and creasing to a minimum. The cellular albumen that is naturally present in silk fibers helps increase renewal of the cells. This can reduce wrinkles and makes your skin appear plump and youthful. appearance and a youthful glow.

Healthy Hair

Beyond its skin-friendly attributes Silk is also an excellent option in terms of hair maintenance and care. Apart from ensuring that your locks remain hydrated and nourished through the evening, the silky surface of a silk mulberry pillowcase can help reduce frizz and breakage because your hair is less friction as you move around during your sleeping. Mulberry silk scrunchies are a ideal option for hair that is in good health because they don’t make your hair feel tangled and don’t leave ridges.

Are You Excited About Silk?

These eight amazing benefits show why silk has endured over time and earned a name as a stunningly beautiful and luxurious fabric. The best part that you can carry the amazing benefits of silk into your bedroom as well!