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Why takeaways are the UK’s favourite comfort cravings

It’s not a surprise that the love of the United Kingdom for takeaways has led to the industry increase over the years. With the advent of food delivery services like Uber Eats, Food Hub and Deliveroo it’s never more convenient to get our favorite food items delivered right to our doorstep.

This study by Inn Supplies shares so much that you don’t be aware of about the food cravings.

In the year 2019 the UK takeaway market was valued at a remarkably large sum of PS8.5 billion. This is an important contribution not just to the economy, but to our taste buds as well.

While takeaway food is known for not being the most healthy food choice, it’s an indulgence we all want to indulge in once at a time.

In addition to the convenience takeaway food can provide and convenience, they are also a kind of comfort food’ for a lot of us. When we have a rainy day in the home that cause us to feel depressed, or for the working days that make us feel stressed Many people rely on food to take their mind off.

In this context we will discuss the level of comfort food across the UK and how many takeaways are involved in this.

The scientific basis for the desire

We are inclined to think that indulgence with takeaway meals and fat-laden foods is just cravings that we are unable to avoid however, there are some biological reasons the reason we use food as a source of comfort at times.

It all begins with three hormones: cortisol, dopamine and serotonin.

Dopamine is a simple way to stimulate cravings for our favorite takeaway food items. A study has found that residents of the UK devote more of their mental energy every day to food than they use for their jobs at work!

And, as we’ve said before the thought of our favorite foods can trigger dopamine levels in our brains when we start to imagine something that can provide us with short-term pleasure.

In the end, satisfying this desire is satisfying the dopamine rush that’s been lingering in our heads.

For cortisol, it is the most prominent stress hormone that takes its impact on our thought process. In addition, it affects the way our bodies handle carbohydrate, protein and fats that we store.

When we’re somewhat anxious or stressed about something, cortisol is released to act as a trigger to satisfy our cravings for food that takeaways are famous for satisfying.

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For serotonin often known as the “happy hormone,” it has been found to have a direct effect on our craving for comfort food. Even though serotonin isn’t found in food, substances like tryptophan are.

It is an amino acid that can be found in food items like eggs, turkey, chicken as well as cheese and fish. In addition it’s also found in the form of chocolate and carbs that can increase serotonin levels as well. All typical ingredients to our most loved takeaway food items.

A food for reflection: More than just a meal

There is a report that says over 22 million takeaway and fast-food meals are consumed across the UK every week, proving to be the most popular variety of food options throughout the entire country.

Why do we so much fun to watch the takeaway food boxes appear at your door? There are a variety of reasons as to the reason why this happens.

Reminiscence or food?

Food compulsions like the consumption of fast food, takeaways or takeaway can bring back happy memories from our past.

If this is the way you spent your family night in the living room in front of the television when you were a child, or those times when your grandparents gave you treats to make a point and turning to takeaway food to relive memories is yet another reason why we indulge in cravings for food.

Food can be a filler for time

Sometimes eating out of a mood could be an outcome of anxiety and boredom.

The ordering of an order for takeaway and then eating it takes only a few minutes however, it’s a good way that keeps us busy for a brief time.

If our days at work drag on, or there’s nothing on television to keep us entertained watching our favorite food shows gives us a sense of escape from the demands of our daily lives.

The most popular method of celebration

The majority times the main reasons that are for justifying family meals out or trips to the local eateries is because an occasion for celebration has come up.

As we are accustomed to celebrating occasions with indulgences in the foods we love and treats, we utilize these foods to describe the moment of joy or excitement which was triggered by another occasion in our lives.

No matter what your reasons are behind allowing the craving for takeaway every time There are plenty of reasons to make comfort food the ideal solution to our stress, problems and even celebrations!