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A guide to Bulk Bags

Companies all over the world make use of FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) to bulk package chemicals such as petrochemicals and minerals as well as food, seeds and other agro-products. As markets and industries continue growing and changing, so too does the demand to find packaging options. There are a number of benefits of using FIBC bags for packaging. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Bags with a safer seal to protect Food and Chemicals

Food items and agro products as well as certain chemicals are tightly linked to safety and health. This is why these products should be kept and transported in a safe and secure location, at a minimum danger of contamination. We design FIBC bags made of only 100% pure resins in order to eliminate the possibility of contamination. The modern manufacturing procedures ensure that no harmful substances can get into the products that are contained in. These bags are secure and safe not just for food items, but also to store high-end chemicals, and shields the contents from contamination.

Flame Retardant Bags

Another innovative product developed by FIBC Bag Manufacturer includes the flame-resistant FIBC bag made with properties that are resistant to flames. Chemicals are specifically included in the resin in the manufacturing process, which stop them from burning during the the case of fire. The contents inside the FIBC Bulk bag to stay secure and stops burning in case there’s an incident. The bags are in high demand throughout the various sectors.

Bags that contain flame retardants come in two varieties that are halogenated and non-halogenated. Halogenated FIBC bags possess more advanced fire-resistant properties because of an additive of halogens, such as fluorine bromine, chlorine, iodine and astatine. This makes them more effective in preventing spreading of fires. However, they come with dangers. Halogenated bags release toxic gas when they are burned, and can cause harm. Non-halogenated bags are safer for a variety of use.

UV Resistant Bags

FIBC bags from LC Packaging are constructed of polypropylene that is woven, and as with other materials is damaged when exposed to UV or sunlight. This results in the fabric breaking which puts both the contents and the people who handle bag contents at risk. It is good news that FIBC Bag manufacturers incorporate specific polymers to their resin to create UV Resistant bags that minimize the chance of damage caused by photochemicals caused by UV rays from the sun.

Baffle Bulk Bags & Q FIBC Bags

FIBC Q Bags from FIBC are called Baffle Bags. They are among the most economical on the market, and provide optimal use in storage capacity.

They are constructed using polypropylene baffles which are sewn around the corners. These baffles aid in the proper distribution of filling material and keep their original shape with no bulge outwards when they are transported.

ur Baffle FIBC Bags have a tightly woven design, cost-effective, durable, reliable, environment-friendly, and finest quality in the market, making them the foremost choice for storage & transportation for different products like agricultural, chemicals, sand, cement, etc.

Use of Baffle Bag

Baffle FIBC Bags are utilized to serve a variety of purposes across different industries. However, we suggest using Baffle FIBC bags to store dry and free-flowing items to maximize performance.

Baffle FIBC Bags are perfect to store and transport the these products:

Food Grains
Vegetables & Fruits

Note: Large bulky materials with limited flow must be kept from being stuffed into bags that are baffled as they aren’t able to fill up all corners and get caught within the interior bag, which can cause instability.

Advantages to the Baffle Bulk Bags

There are many benefits to Baffle Bulk bags. And we will walk you through the most important reasons for the reason why you should pick Baffle Bulk Bags.

Baffle Bags can provide you with up to 30% more efficiency when you fill the bags making use of the four corners.
Baffle Bags remain in their original form even after filling with 95% of their capacity. This will not cause the bags to bulge, giving them attractive visual appeal.
Baffle Bags aren’t consuming enough storage space when the process of storing and moving even after they’ve been filled with 95% of their capacity.
Baffle Bags (Q Bags) can be personalized by adding a coating layer that will make them water-resistant.
The Baffle Bulk Bags offers exceptional cost efficiency for businesses with regard to:

Lower costs for freight during transportation
Cost savings by reducing leakage and prevention of the material from bulging or falling over.
Reduced cost per bag due to maximising the capacity of each areas of storage