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Home » BBC Dragons’ Den 2023: Deborah Meaden Snaps At Contestant

BBC Dragons’ Den 2023: Deborah Meaden Snaps At Contestant

A minor row was caused on the first episode of season 20 of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den after a contestant winked at another Dragon while Deborah Meaden was asking questions.

London-based Lucy was pitching her idea for pill containers aimed at those who need to take medication while out and about.

Her business, Taboo, was founded after her digestive system was reconstructed after surviving pancreatic cancer.

She pitched a durable pill container and wanted a £50,000 investment for a 25% stake in her company.

New year, new series! In just five days the battle will commence once more as a new raft of entrepreneurs take on our fire breathers. To see who can handle the heat, tune in on January 5th at 8pm for the 20th series of Dragons’ Den! @BBCOne @BBCiPlayer #dragonsden

— BBC Dragons’ Den (@BBCDragonsDen) January 1, 2023 However, when taking questions from Deborah Meaden who was interested in the brand’s margins, Lucy caused a stir when turning to joke with Suleyman.

Lucy, when talking about the cost of producing her products, said: “Touker, I’m looking at you, I think you’re going to come to me and say ‘I could have made that for 75 cents.'”

When Touker chimed in with: “Can I say something,” he was shut down by Deborah, who said: “No you can’t, can you concentrate on me.”

Later when talking about the product further, Lucy went back to Touker, saying: “Hopefully, when I’ve sorted manufacturing out with my good friend Touker here…” before winking at another Dragon.

This annoyed Deborah further, with her saying: It would very helpful if you concentrated on me instead of winking at Peter and answering Touker’s questions.”

Despite this upset, the start-up founder was able to get three Dragons to invest in her product with the three having a 40% stake in her business collectively.

Peter Jones, Sara Davies, and Touker Suleyman all bought into her pitch.