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Home » Birdies Crazy Golf Near Battersea Power Station: Review

Birdies Crazy Golf Near Battersea Power Station: Review

The first thing you notice about this place is the giant neon signage and colourful interior through the big glass windows in the railway bridge.

The place was bustling with atmosphere and merry groups of friends enjoying a few drinks – I imagine that this place is very popular for birthday parties or special events.

Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C)

I was asked if I would like to eat first or enjoy the game of miniature golf, and because we were quite hungry, so we decided to grab some food.

I had a cheeky bacon burger and my partner had the Elvis burger as by recommendation of the welcoming waiter.

The Elvis burger had peanut butter on it making for a really unique taste if you are looking for something a little bit different.

Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C)

We also had a side of Mac and Cheese crispy balls (which were hands down our favourite as they had that glorious stringy cheese inside them) and some sweet BBQ chicken wings.

It was some serious comfort food – the stuff that you find yourself getting serious cravings for.

READ MORE: Norbury man jailed for life after strangling wife in ‘honour killing’ Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C) But, by far the best bit was the cocktails. Over the course of the night my partner had a Crystal Mojito, This Bird Is On Fire (a spicy rum drink) while I went for the options on the Christmas menu, a Winter Cosmos and a fantastic drink called “The Grinch”.

The Grinch was unlike anything I’d ever had before – it was seasonal winter fruits, vodka, cranberry and winterberry foam.

That foam tasted exactly how Christmas feels…I don’t know how to explain that it just does.

Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C)

We were given a pager which would tell us when we could go onto the golf course once we had finished our meal, which managed the flow of people starting their game.

Once we got onto the course, we never felt like we were being chased by another group behind us and we were never left waiting for someone to finish their go.

The course is nine holes and has a brilliant mixture of concepts and fun ideas.

Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C)

There was one hole where you had to bash your ball up an almost vertical wall to get it into a tube that takes it closer to the finish point (I didn’t manage this but my partner did).

At one point you found yourself playing the game in the dark and another hole had a funny long corridor with a warping mirror at the end – very trippy.

The creative décor was the perfect environment for some cheeky Instagram selfies or group pictures.

Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C)

I definitely think Birdies is a brilliant experience for a larger group, as we found ourselves (just the two of us) having to make sure we were pacing ourselves to get the most out of our time there.

Other squads were too busy crying with laughter at their friends sucking at the game to feel like they were going too quickly around the course.

The final hole had one of those spin dishes where wherever your ball landed, you either lost or gained a tone of points – I landed on a minus four and last the game because of this, much to my bitterness.

Birdies Battersea (Image: Amy C)

Birdies gives you the option of enjoying a fun game of mini golf in a more casual and vibrant environment than some of the more corporate competitors.

Plenty of fun and plenty of good picture ops!