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Brent Roads Set To Have 20mph Speed Limts – See Which

Speed limits of 20 miles per hour are set to affect certain roads in the borough of Brent, so we have rounded up which ones below.

On February 26 this year, Brent Council made an order under Section 84 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to impose a maximum speed limit on certain roads across the borough.

This will come into effect on March 11 and will affect the following roads:

1. Albert Road in Hendon

2. Allington Road in Queen’s Park

3. Alpha Place in Brent

4. Banister Road in Queen’s Park

5. Cambridge Avenue in Kilburn

6. Cambridge Gardens in Kilburn

7. Cambridge Road in Kilburn

8. Canterbury Road in Kilburn

9. Canterbury Terrace in Brent

10. Chichester Road in Kilburn

11. Chippenham Gardens in Kilburn

12. Claremont Road in Cricklewood

13. Coventry Close in Kilburn

14. Denmark Road in Brent

15. Gorefield Place in Brent

16. Granville Road in Kilburn

17. Hansel Road in Brent

18. Kilburn Lane

19. Kilburn Park Road

20. Malvern Place, between the boundary of the City of Westminster and its junction with Malvern Road.

21. Malvern Road in Kilburn

22. Manor Mews in Brent

23. Nelson Close, between the southeastern kerb-line of Pentland Road and a point 12.00 metres southeast of a point opposite that kerb-line.

24. Neville Road in Kilburn

25. Oxford Road in Kilburn

26. Peel Road in Kilburn

27. Pentland Road in Kilburn

28. Princess Road in Brent

29. Rudolph Road in Brent

30. Rupert Road in Brent

31. Salusbury Road in Queen’s Park, between its junction with Albert Road and a point opposite the north-western boundary of No. 31 Salusbury Road.

32. Stafford Road in Kilburn

33. Stuart Road in Kilburn, between the eastern kerb-line of Malvern Road and a point opposite the eastern boundary wall of No.14 Malvern Road.

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A copy of the notice can be found on the Public Notice Portal: Notice near E10, E18 and 10 more | Public Notice Portal

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