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Dead Kitten Among Six Found Dumped In Box In Fryent Park

A dog walker was horrified to find a box dumped in a park contained six kittens – one of which was already dead.

The kittens were found abandoned in the middle of Fryent Country Park on April 1.

The person who made the distressing find had noticed that their two dogs seemed interested in a box that appeared to be moving in the car park area.

When they investigated they found six small kittens “in a state of neglect”, with one already dead.

Another woman who was also in the park brought the five surviving felines to Kensal Green animal welfare charity Mayhew, where they were cleaned and fed.

Two of the kittens rescued (Image: Mayhew)

One of the kittens was said to be showing symptoms of shock and was closely monitored.

Mayhew has now shared an “urgent” appeal calling for foster carers for the animals.

Three of the kittens are believed to be four weeks old, and the two others are said to be around three to four months old.

Another kitten rescued (Image: Mayhew)

They have been named by staff as Elvis, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Paloma and Faith.

Mayhew head of cattery Georgina Costi said: “We don’t know why these kittens were abandoned but we are urgently asking pet owners not to leave their pets in parks as this is an incredibly dangerous environment for vulnerable animals without owners.

“We are appealing to pet owners who might be struggling to care for and keep their pets to reach out to animal charities, and to ask their local vet or community centre for advice and support.”

To find out more about being a foster carer for any of the kittens in Mayhew’s care, visit: