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Fabien Mocaer: Crafting Tennis Stories On Instagram As “Mocki Tennis”


In a recent interview with Fabien Mocaer, known as Mocki in the digital realm, he divulged insights into his journey of content creation within the dynamic world of tennis. Through his Instagram page, “Mocki Tennis,” Mocaer offers a distinctive perspective on the sport, blending his profound passion for tennis with storytelling prowess and community engagement.

Part 1: The Genesis of Mocki Tennis:

Fabien’s foray into content creation materialized from a serendipitous encounter with a fellow YouTuber during a local tournament. Inspired by his profound and extensive experience in the world of tennis and fueled by an innate desire to share his insights, Mocaer took the plunge, officially launching his Instagram page in the early months of 2023.

“With 25 years of tennis experience under my belt, I felt a compelling urge to weave narratives from my journey. Thus, I embarked on this digital odyssey,” Fabien reminisced during the interview.

Part 2: Navigating Early Challenges:

The embryonic phase of Mocki Tennis was not without its share of hurdles, ranging from organizational obstacles to the quest for a distinctive content angle. However, buoyed by unwavering dedication and an authentic approach, Fabien’s content began resonating with an increasingly discerning audience.

“The initial phase was undoubtedly challenging. Yet, it dawned on me that there existed a void in the digital sphere – a dearth of content chronicling the daily lives of amateur players,” Fabien candidly shared.

Part 3: Evolution of Content:

As Mocki Tennis matured, Fabien astutely diversified his content repertoire, transitioning from spotlighting amateur players to conducting live interviews with esteemed tennis professionals. These captivating dialogues marked significant milestones in Fabien’s content journey, affording him the privilege of engaging with luminaries from the tennis fraternity.

“I realized that our audience harbored an insatiable appetite not only for the exploits of professional athletes but also for the poignant narratives that underpin the sport,” Fabien noted.

Part 4: Spotlight on Adaptive Tennis:

One of Fabien’s most cherished endeavors within the realm of Mocki Tennis has been illuminating the often overlooked domain of adaptive tennis, particularly wheelchair tennis. Through poignant features spotlighting Paralympic hopefuls like Laura-Line Legendre, Fabien endeavors to foster a broader appreciation for tennis in all its diverse manifestations.

“It’s incumbent upon us to shine a luminous spotlight on the rich tapestry of diversity within the realm of tennis. Every player, irrespective of their physical abilities, deserves a resonant voice,” Fabien passionately asserted.

Part 5: Press Credentials and Future Endeavors:

Peering into the horizon, Fabien harbors an optimistic outlook, buoyed by the prospect of securing press credentials for prestigious events such as the Trophée Clarins and the Internationaux de Strasbourg. These coveted credentials promise to furnish Fabien with unparalleled opportunities to enrich his content canvas with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage.

“Acquiring press credentials represents a pivotal juncture in our narrative arc, opening vistas of storytelling possibilities and fostering collaborative synergies within the tennis community,” Fabien remarked.

Part 6: Collaborations and Community Engagement:

Beyond his individual exertions, Fabien fervently underscores the pivotal role of collaboration and community engagement in amplifying the reach of Mocki Tennis. Through symbiotic partnerships with tennis clubs, brands, and fellow content creators, Fabien endeavors to cultivate a nurturing ecosystem that reverberates with the vibrant ethos of tennis culture.

“Collaboration serves as the quintessence of our digital ethos, affording us the opportunity to harness collective creativity and forge indelible connections within the tennis fraternity,” Fabien elucidated.

Part 7: Engaging the Audience:

Central to Fabien’s overarching content strategy is the active cultivation of audience engagement. Through innovative initiatives such as soliciting feedback, hosting interactive Q&A sessions, and encouraging user-generated content, Fabien ensures that Mocki Tennis remains a dynamic and immersive platform for tennis aficionados across the globe.

“Our audience isn’t merely passive spectators; they are active co-creators, integral to the vibrant tapestry of narratives that adorn the canvas of Mocki Tennis,” Mocaer emphasized.

Part 8: Long-Term Goals and Vision:

Looking through the lens of foresight, Fabien harbors lofty aspirations, aspiring to scale the zenith of 10,000 followers on Instagram. He perceives this milestone not merely as a numerical benchmark but as a harbinger of enhanced credibility, poised to catalyze collaborations with esteemed players and organizations within the tennis fraternity. Undeterred by the capricious whims of social media algorithms, Fabien remains resolutely committed to honing his content strategy and refining the visual aesthetic of Mocki Tennis.

“Our trajectory is inexorably intertwined with the relentless pursuit of storytelling excellence. My aspiration is to continue unfurling riveting narratives that strike a resonant chord with tennis aficionados worldwide,” Fabien concluded.


Fabien Fabien’s odyssey with Mocki Tennis epitomizes the transformative power of passion, authenticity, and community in the realm of content creation. Through his digital platform, Fabien not only celebrates his profound love for tennis but also amplifies the multifaceted narratives and personalities that animate the sport. As Mocki Tennis embarks on its onward trajectory, Fabien remains steadfast in his commitment to crafting captivating content that enriches the tapestry of tennis culture, resonating with audiences far and wide.

Pierre Cotteau de Simencourt