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Illegal Vapes And Cigarettes Seized From Shops In Brent

Thousands of illegal vapes were seized from the streets of Brent and the surrounding area last year.

It’s not hard to find vapes being sold across the UK in convenience shops, however buyers have been warned that some traders are selling counterfeit brands – which could have tank sizes larger than the legal safe limit or carry incorrect health warnings.

A Freedom of Information request obtained by Vape Club, an online vape retailer, shows that in 2022 just 382 vapes were seized from businesses in the borough and has not recorded any other vapes seized over the last few years.

Instead there was more of a focus on collecting illegal cigarettes from shops, with 3,908 taken in 2022 and 3,900 in 2021.

In 2018 there were 3,490 packets taken and 1,367 in 2019, but it dropped to just 11 in 2020 while shops had to comply to pandemic restrictions.

Here is how Brent compares to some surrounding areas:

Camden In 2022, Camden Council seized 1,849 illegal vapes from businesses in the borough.

It was a massive jump from the year before, where only 149 were taken. The data also records 320 vapes seized in 2019.

In comparison, council officers have collected much more illegal cigarette packs from local businesses, with a whopping 46,990 found in 2018. Data also shows 1,020 packs were taken in 2019 and 1,120 in 2022.

Harrow Harrow has only recorded 474 vapes seized in the borough, all of which was in 2022.

Much more illegal cigarettes were collected, including 1,605 in 2022 and 89 in 2021.

In 2018 3,074 packets were found and 109 in 2019.

Barnet Barnet has recorded the least illegal vapes found out of the four boroughs listed.

Just 199 were taken in 2022 and 96 in 2021.

Far more cigarettes have been seized over the years, including 11,638 in 2022, 15,817 in 2021 and 16 in 2019.