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Islington Fraudster Jailed For Murder Of Norma Girolami

A fraudster who preyed on and then murdered an older woman before hiding her body in a graveyard has been jailed.

Serkan Kaygusuz, 42, of Sparsholt Road, Islington, conned 70-year-old Norma Girolami out of her wealth after meeting her in the hot tub of swimming baths in Archway in 2017.

He went on to demand cash totalling some £300,000, which he spent on a £20,000 car, designer clothes, a new games console and a trip to Turkey for a hair transplant.

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He hoarded around £120,000 and when Norma stopped paying in May 2021, he plotted to take what was left of her assets by killing her.

Kaygusuz, who claimed unemployment benefits and lived with his parents, was jailed for 35 years when he appeared at the Old Bailey today (Wednesday, February 22).

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Blackburn said: “This has been a horrific and traumatic case for everyone involved – but particularly for Norma’s loved ones.

Norma Girolami (Image: Met Police)

“Due to Kaygusuz’s decision to plead not guilty, they have seen and heard detail throughout the trial that I know will stay with them for many years to come.

“It is my sincere hope that they can find closure now that the court proceedings are finished, and that their many loving memories of Norma will eventually outweigh their loss.

“My thoughts are with them today, and with Norma.”

The grave site in St James’s Churchyard in Barnet, where Norma’s body was found (Image: Met Police)

As part of a family impact statement presented in court Norma’s cousin said: “Norma was a life-affirming, loving, kind and thoughtful 70-year-old lady. She was a treasured godmother, an aunty and cousin to many. She was also a half sibling.

“You; Serkan, have taken away something beautiful from the world; a unique, benevolent, kind and lovely person. She was a dear friend to all that knew her. Those of us that were fortunate to grow up with Norma would often look up to her.

“You cruelly betrayed her love and trust; took advantage of her generosity and systematically stripped her of everything she had. There came a point in 2021 when then was no more giving from Norma. You could have walked away with a fortune in the bank; job done. But that wasn’t enough and instead you got greedy and set about your calculated plan to kill her. A plan you successfully carried out.

Serkan Kaygusuz, 42, of Sparsholt Road, Islington, was jailed for 35 years for the murder of Norma Girolami (Image: Met Police)

“We will never be the able to spend those precious times with our lovely Norma again and that is because of you. The memories we have of Norma will be tarnished forever and the family will struggle to remember the happy times without thinking of the way in which she has died. It is like a stain on the family and a very dark shadow which will follow us forever.

“You have robbed us of a delightful lady who was at the heart of our family. Norma loved us and we loved her so very much. She was always there with an uplifting smile, or encouragement when times were tough. She always liked to see the positive side of life, even when she faced difficult challenges of her own. She will be missed sorely by all that knew her.”

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