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Jeremy Corbyn To Appear In Sumotherhood Urban Genre Parody

The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to make his acting debut later this year, in director Adam Deacon’s new film Sumotherhood.

A trailer for the film, which is described as a parody of the UK urban genre, was released on August 30 and sparked some conversation due to the appearance of the current independent MP for Islington North.

He appears for just a couple of seconds in his signature brown fiddler cap, delivering the line: “Allow it, wasteman.”

It is likely his appearance in the film will be for a brief cameo and it is possible he may be playing himself, but this is not confirmed.

Jeremy Corbyn appears briefly in the trailer (Image: Paramount Pictures/Sumotherhood)

Corbyn will not be the only notable name featuring in the film, with the likes of musician Ed Sheeran, and established actors Jennifer Saunders and Peter Serafinowicz also appearing briefly in the trailer.

Sumotherhood details and UK release date Sumotherhood is directed by Adam Deacon, who is known for appearing as Jay in the crime-drama films Kidulthood and Adulthood.

His latest endeavour is set to parody the urban-crime genre films he has featured in previously, which he also did in 2011 with the film Anuvahood.

The premise for the film follows Riko and Kane, who want to be taken seriously as ‘roadmen’ and set out to make a name for themselves, whilst also trying to clear a £15k debt.

— Adam Deacon (@realadamdeacon) August 30, 2023 However, things inevitably end up going wrong for the duo and they’ll have to have their wits about them to survive the situation they’ve put themselves in.

Outside of the notable names already mentioned actors such as Denise Van Outen, Jaime Winston, Tamzin Outhwaite and Babatunde Aléshé are set to appear.

Additionally, figures in the music industry such as Charlie Sloth, Jammer and MegaMan will turn up.

Sumotherhood is set to be released exclusively in cinemas on Friday, October 13.