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Just Stop Oil Protestor Punched And Kicked By Man In Car Accident

Video footage has captured the moment a Just Stop Oil protestor was punched, thrown to the floor and kicked by the husband of a pregnant woman involved in a car accident.

The video, which has been posted on the Just Stop Oil Twitter account, shows protestors slow walking through the streets of London this morning in an attempt to disrupt traffic.

As the protestors approach a car accident, a woman emerges screaming: “Stop that, stop that, I’m pregnant.”

A man, who appears to be her husband/partner then gets out of the car, is clearly angry and heads straight for one of the Just Stop Oil protestors.

The video was captured and posted to social media by Just Stop Oil. (Image: Just Stop Oil/Twitter)

He punches the protestor before throwing him to the floor and kicking him in the head while he lies defenseless on the road.

The pregnant woman can be heard screaming and returns to step in between her partner and the protestor.

Another Just Stop Oil protestor then steps in, squaring up to the man, taking his jacket off as if to provoke the man further.

The pregnant woman can be heard screaming louder and louder as car horns around the incident begin to sound.

The shocking video was posted on social media today. (Image: Just Stop Oil/Twitter)

Eventually, the man escorts the pregnant woman back into the car and the video concludes.

Just Stop Oil reveal the protestor involved in the altercation Just Stop Oil posted the video to its social media accounts, naming the protestor involved in the incident as Daniel.

According to The Mirror, Daniel was the protestor carried off the ground at Lord’s by Jonny Bairstow ahead of the start of the second Ashes test match a few weeks ago.

Just Stop Oil in the post on social media said: “BREAKING: Just Stop Oil Supporter Assaulted While Demanding No New Oil and Gas.

“Daniel was assaulted while marching this morning, and remained nonviolent throughout.

“Disruption is difficult, but it’s necessary.”

Just Stop Oil protestor gives update following altercation Just Stop Oil followed up this afternoon with a video of Daniel, letting everyone know he was ok and held no ill feelings toward the man that assaulted him.

๐Ÿฆบ An additional 55 supporters of Just Stop Oil step into the roads surrounding Parliament Square.

๐Ÿ’€ Ordinary people refuse to be bystanders whilst everything we know and love is destroyed.

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โ€” Just Stop Oil (@JustStop_Oil) July 19, 2023 In the video, Daniel said: “Physically, I’m feeling a bit better, I’ve got my frozen peas and yeah, we’re a little bit removed from the incident now. So, recovering.

“I’ll be honest if anything, I feel a bit sorry, and I mean I feel sad because, well, I can say personally, I don’t, I haven’t said anything to the police, I don’t plan to.

“But I’m afraid that the police might go ahead and you know, go after this man.

“I feel no ill sentiment or ill will against him. It’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in and it’s bound to create frustration.

“I could tell that from everything that was happening, he’s just been in a car accident as well, he was very stressed.”