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Home » King Edward VII Park, Wembley, Shut Due To Police Incident

King Edward VII Park, Wembley, Shut Due To Police Incident

Forensics have been investigating at a park that has been closed off for the entire day after a police incident.

A dozen of of forensic officers were seen crowding around in one picture taken at King Edward VII Park, in Wembley, this evening (July 18).

It is understood that the park has been closed off the entire day, in response to an incident that took place late on Monday (July 17) or very early today.

A dozen of forensic police at King Edward VII Park, Wembley, after a police incident (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

All park entrances, including the large gate at Park Lane and the other entrance by Clarendon Gardens have been shut off with officers standing by and gates taped up.

The Park Lane entrance at the park cordoned off (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

A forensic tent has also been erected by the Clarendon Gardens entrance.

A forensic tent by the park (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

Officers have also been turning pedestrians away between Kingsway and Park Lane, while other officers are seen patrolling the area at this time.

At the moment it is unclear what has happened at the park, and the Metropolitan Police have been contacted for more information.

Expect updates tomorrow once we know more.