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Kittens Stuck On Pinner Road, Harrow Roof Rescued By RSPCA

A “super mum” cat and five kittens were rescued after concerned neighbours saw the litter stuck on a roof.

It was feared the kittens could have died had they fallen from the house in Pinner Road, the RSPCA has said.

The animal charity was called after a number of kittens were spotted on the roof, but when animal rescue officers arrived it appeared the cats were able to get into the loft of the property.

The London Fire Brigade provided thermal imaging cameras to help trace three of the kittens, but the other two and their mum were still hiding.

One of the kittens rescued (Image: RSPCA)

Jade Guthrie, an animal rescue officer, called it a “challenging rescue” and explained her team had to go back several times throughout a week to catch all the kittens and their mother.

“They may have been small, but they were very fast,” she said.

She continued: “We were really worried about them because while mum could get off the roof easily enough, a drop from that height would have been potentially fatal for the kittens.”

After they were all caught, they were transferred to the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre.

The mum, who has been named Flame, is around 18 months old. While the kittens- named Phoenix, Sam, Aiden, Enya and Seraphina – are around eight weeks old.

One of the kittens rescued (Image: RSPCA)

Ms Guthrie added: “We believe mum gave birth to the kittens up on the roof. The woman who lived in the flat didn’t realise, she thought the noises in the loft were probably rats.

“We checked the mum for a microchip but she doesn’t have one, and obviously so far the kittens have had very little human contact.

“We think she must’ve been able to feed all five of them herself for six weeks, she is a super mum!

“The rescue was hard work but all five kittens and mum are safe so it was all worth it.”