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Ligne Sportswear Tennis Apparel: Redefining Eco-Luxury On The Court


In the ever-evolving landscape of athletic apparel, where style meets sustainability, emerges Ligne Sportswear, a brand that seamlessly blends elegance with eco-consciousness. Founded by Marianne and her partner Cécile, Ligne represents a fusion of their passions for tennis, French craftsmanship, and environmental stewardship. In this exclusive interview, Marianne provides insights into the inception, ethos, and journey of Ligne, shedding light on its commitment to revolutionizing the tennis apparel industry.

Embodying a Vision:

Marianne and Cécile’s journey began on the grounds of their shared educational pursuits, culminating in the birth of Ligne. Marianne’s background in sports business and marketing, coupled with Cécile’s lineage in textile manufacturing, laid the foundation for their endeavor. Inspired by a mutual desire to create something reflective of their values and to contribute positively to the environment, Ligne emerged as the premier French brand offering eco-friendly tennis attire.

Marianne reflects on their initial motivation, stating, “Our mission is to have an impact, or rather, to reduce our impact on the environment at our level.” This ethos serves as the driving force behind Ligne’s commitment to sustainability, advocating for incremental change through conscious consumerism.

Innovative Design, Sustainable Practices:

Central to Ligne’s identity is its utilization of recycled materials, a conscious choice reflecting their dedication to environmental preservation. Marianne elucidates, “We choose fabrics entirely made in France with bio-based, recycled, or eco-designed raw materials.” By incorporating technical fabrics crafted from New Life yarn, derived from recycled plastic bottles, Ligne minimizes its ecological footprint while prioritizing performance and comfort.

Moreover, Ligne’s emphasis on local production further amplifies its eco-friendly stance. Marianne emphasizes, “A Made In France garment generates up to 50% less CO2 than one manufactured elsewhere.” This commitment to local sourcing not only reduces emissions but also supports regional craftsmanship, fostering a sustainable ecosystem.

Craftsmanship Meets Conscious Consumption: Beyond its environmental endeavors, Ligne champions a vision of chic and responsible living, epitomizing the possibility of sustainable luxury. Marianne articulates, “Ligne embodies a lifestyle that is both elegant and responsible.” By infusing traditional tennis aesthetics with contemporary elegance, Ligne transcends conventional sportswear, offering a sophisticated alternative for conscious consumers.

Eco-Conscious Impact Beyond Apparel:

Ligne’s commitment to sustainability transcends its product line, permeating every facet of its operations. From minimizing packaging waste to limiting international shipping, every decision aligns with their ecological ethos. Marianne affirms, “We made an effort in sourcing even in our packaging.” This holistic approach underscores Ligne’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for sustainable business practices.

Resonating with Consumers:

The reception from consumers reaffirms the relevance and resonance of Ligne’s eco-friendly ethos. Marianne notes, “Many of our clients appreciate the 100% French aspect of the product.” This recognition underscores the significance of Ligne’s commitment to local production and sustainable sourcing, resonating deeply with conscientious consumers.

Collaborative Commitment to Quality:

Central to Ligne’s success is its collaborative approach with suppliers, ensuring the integrity and durability of its materials. Marianne elucidates, “We work in collaboration with each of our suppliers and workshops.” This hands-on engagement ensures that every aspect of production adheres to Ligne’s exacting standards, guaranteeing premium quality and sustainability.

A Journey of Conscious Creation:

The journey of conceptualizing and manufacturing Ligne’s tennis apparel epitomizes a meticulous blend of innovation and tradition. From the inception of designs in Paris to the artisanal craftsmanship in regional workshops, every step reflects a commitment to excellence and sustainability. Marianne elaborates on the process, highlighting the meticulous sourcing and production journey that culminates in each Ligne garment. Ligne also works with labelled enterprises for Living Heritage. Some of their workers have know-how which is mainly used by haute couture houses (e.g. the pleating of the skirt).

Elevating the Tennis Apparel Paradigm:

Ligne’s distinctive positioning in the tennis apparel market stems from its fusion of eco-consciousness with elevated aesthetics. Marianne emphasizes, “We have a high-end positioning that showcases the craftsmanship and artistry behind our products.” This unique proposition not only distinguishes Ligne from its counterparts but also underscores its commitment to redefining luxury in a sustainable context.

Championing Sustainability with Sporting Icons:

Ligne’s association with professional tennis players further amplifies its eco-conscious narrative, reinforcing its ethos through prominent ambassadors. Marianne recounts collaborations with players like Lucie Wargnier and Calvin Hemery, who were drawn to Ligne’s eco-responsible approach and distinctive designs. Such partnerships not only elevate Ligne’s brand visibility but also catalyse conversations around sustainability within the sports industry. Finally, Ligne got a special partnership with the junior Davis Cup, which is played in Le Touquet (France) every summer.


In an era where sustainability intersects with style, Ligne Tennis Apparel emerges as a beacon of conscious consumption and artisanal craftsmanship. Marianne and Cécile’s vision of reimagining tennis attire through eco-luxury underscores a paradigm shift in athletic apparel, where ethical considerations seamlessly integrate with performance and aesthetics. As Ligne continues to champion sustainability on and off the court, it sets a precedent for the future of fashion, where elegance and environmental responsibility converge harmoniously.

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