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London Weather: Snow To Cover Capital In Coming Weeks

Although winter is nearly over and spring is in reach, the cold wintry temperatures and conditions are still strong.

In some areas, you might find it to be slightly warmer, but not for long as forecasters suggest that snow is set to hit the capital in the coming weeks.

Weather forecaster, WX Charts shows low levels of snow falling onto the capital, with a light flurry of snowfall crossing over London.

WX Charts suggests that snow will hit from February 24 before it makes its way over to the East coast of England, with mass snowfall expected on March 1.

#StormOtto means Friday will be a windy day for most, but what does the weather have in store for Saturday and Sunday?

Here is Alex with the weekend weather forecast ๐Ÿ‘‡

โ€” Met Office (@metoffice) February 16, 2023 The chart predicts that in early March, a blanket of snow of up to 1cm could fall per hour during the morning of March 1, with much of South East England covered.

Snow to cover London in the coming weeks Snow is also expected on February 26 with heavier snowfall descending over the English Channel and into France, creating cold conditions for the capital.

Although WX has predicted snow, the Met Office is currently not predicting any chances of snow for the new week.

As the Met Office predicts that the weather will be dry with warmer weather and brighter spells coming throughout the next week.

The Met Office stated: “Residual cloud and patchy rain breaking up to give sunny spells Sunday. Largely dry and bright on Monday. Windy with a band of rain moving south Tuesday, turning colder later.”