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Home » NORAD Santa Tracker: Christmas Eve Disappointment As Tracker Is Down

NORAD Santa Tracker: Christmas Eve Disappointment As Tracker Is Down

Eager Santa trackers have been disappointed this Christmas Eve as they have been left wondering where is Santa?

The popular NORAD Santa tracker has been showing just a blank screen to many as they hoped to track Santa on his busy journey.

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The official NORAD tracker Instagram assured Santa is on his way sharing a post with his location: “Santa has just flown over Wake Island! He’s just getting started!”

However, users of the site flocked to the comment section with urges to have the site fixed.

One user wrote: “Like seriously do they not know its not working right now”

Another said: “Sorry to confirm that the website is not working …”.

How else can I track Santa? While the NORAD Santa tracker locates Santa’s current position, you can track where he is in other ways.

Flight tracker app Flightradar24 allows you to track the sleigh like any other flight. Just search for Santa or flight number SANTA1.

You can also track Santa on Google’s website. You can find this here.

According to NORAD, Santa usually visits the South Pacific first, then New Zealand and Australia.

After that, he goes up to Japan, over to Asia, across to Africa, then onto Western Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central and South America.

However, Norad’s website reads: “Santa’s route can be affected by weather, so it’s really unpredictable. NORAD coordinates with Santa’s Elf launch staff to confirm his launch time, but from that point on, Santa calls the shots. We just track him!”