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Range Rover Key Fob Replacement

The range of Range Rover key replacement and repair services cover the full range of Range Rover models. Our team of technicians are experts in expertise in Range Rovers and are able to replace and repair remote and manual car keys that you have for the Range Rover. If you’re concerned about whether our services cover your specific model or Range Rover, feel free to call us anytime and ask questions.

Range Rovers that were released after 1995 will feature an immobiliser built into the vehicle, as well as an embedded transponder chip inside the key, which blocks any key other that yours from being used in the Range Rover.

Range Rover keys will only function if they have been specifically programmed to the Range Rover’s immobiliser.

Unlicensed and second-hand sellers are not trustworthy sellers for Range Rover keys. A majority of the keys for cars bought from auction sites don’t work.

Because of the technology used with Range Rover keys, ordering replacement keys for your car from the Range Rover dealer can be costly and can take as long as 10 days for them to arrive. We have the most up-to-date and most sophisticated technology that lets us make brand new Range Rover keys and program the keys to your car and we can complete the process within a matter of hours.

The second-hand sellers for Range Rovers will often only provide only one set of keys when you buy the car. Two set of keys to your Range Rover is a great advantage if you encounter an emergency with your car keys This is the reason we advise that you come to us with an additional car key as soon as you are able to.

What Range Rover key services do we provide?


There’s no need to fret about a taxi ride to pick up an Range Rover key. We’ll bring our equipment directly to you and fix and replace the Range Rover key right then and there. If ordering a replacement for your key through a dealership could cost a lot and takes a long time to reach you and a new key purchased from us is produced in just an hour and cost less.


An extra car key an essential for anyone sharing their vehicle and having the spare key is an excellent benefit for anyone who drives to possess. If something happens to your car keys, it’s always a good idea to have an extra key to keep running and avoid a catastrophe. This is why we suggest that you call us to arrange for an additional key made. We’ll make it while you sit and wait, or if not in a rush, you could visit our headquarters located in London and we’ll design one for you in person.


It is necessary to have you Range Rover keys programmed if your model was made following 1995. If the transponder on your keys requires changing or you want to have a new one created our technicians are proficient in programming keys and can ensure that you are left with the Range Rover key that works within the Range Rover.


It’s not often however there are cases of individuals locking their keys inside their vehicles. If this happens, it’s an extremely painful experience. It’s visible but can’t reach it. We offer an opening service for cars to anyone who has suffered this type of mishap. Our skilled locksmiths will safely unlock your car using professional tools and techniques that don’t cause any damage to your car.

CAR Key Repair

We don’t want to waste money purchasing a brand key for a brand new Range Rover key if we believe that the key you have broken is fixable. If we believe your key is repairable, we’ll gladly offer our repair service and have your key repaired within next day.


There’s nothing more annoying than a damaged key, it’s a lock that’s broken. If the key is stuck in the door lock or in your Range Rover’s lock barrel we’ll be able to remove it quickly and efficiently. Our professionals can determine quickly what’s wrong with the lock or lock is damaged and then get it fixed quickly so that you can get back on the road as fast as possible.

How do RANGE keys work?

As the years pass by and technology progresses with leaps and bounds, keys for cars are becoming more sophisticated and technological than we thought they could be. It’s also a sign that having a replacement key is getting ever more costly. If you visit an Range Rover dealer to have your keys for your car replaced, you could end up paying high cost. This is due to the advanced technologies in both the key as well as the car, which are specifically designed to ensure your vehicle is secure.

In the years following 1995, all automobiles manufactured were and have an immobiliser. Although the appearance of immobilisers and their position within the vehicle may be different over the years but their primary purpose remain the same. Car keys are equipped with a transponder chip in the keys. Once you put them in the ignition, the immobiliser inside the Range Rover will recognise your chip and start the vehicle. If you are using keys that don’t have a transponder chip specifically programmed to your vehicle, you’ll be able to see the Range Rover isn’t turning on, or may stop working after you’ve started it. When this system is installed, only the person who has your key is able to use your vehicle, and you are able to indeed disable your key in the event that it gets stolen or lost.

Although this is an amazing technology that’s likely stopped the theft of a number of vehicles stolen, it is difficult to get replacement keys for car keys since for them to function, they must be specifically programmed for the car you own. This is the reason why it is not advisable to purchase keys from unlicensed, or second-hand dealers. The keys you purchase are not programmed for your vehicle and therefore are likely to not functioning. You can either purchase your replacement keys from a licensed Range Rover dealer, which could be costly and difficult to use You can purchase the spare Range Rover keys from us. Our technicians can easily program new keys as well as reprogram the keys in the event that they stop synchronising.

WHAT CAN I DO IF I FEEL MY RANGE key for my ROVER is broken or lost?

Call us in the event that you find you’ve lost or broken your Range Rover key’s broken or lost can help you save money, time and lots of unnecessary anxiety. Instead of having to pay for a tow or getting a taxi to your Range Rover dealer, you could call us and we’ll dispatch the emergency response team assist. Our locksmiths and technicians are highly skilled professionals who are capable of offering an array of services. They’re extremely knowledgeable and are aware of all the details that are involved in Range Rover technology and design and all the models. They’ll transport the van wherever you are and will be stocked with the most modern and top of the line equipment. When we arrive at your location, all you need to do is take some exercise or enjoy coffee and when you return you’ll have a brand new and fixable Range Rover key that you can utilize immediately.