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Security Saves Sleeping Man From Car On Fire In Kentish Town

Two heroic security officers pulled a sleeping man out of a burning car.

The man was fast asleep at the back seats of a parked car in Kentish Town, totally unaware of the smoke coming from the vehicle.

Security working at the SQR Security Company, which is based in Golders Green, were patrolling during their night shift in Kentish Town on September 14 when they noticed the smoke.

The officers, Bogdan Arustei and Geoffrey Simms, quickly pulled the man just before the car was set alight completely.

The car which was destroyed in the fire (Image: SQR Security)

Emergency services were rushed to the scene to put out the fire.

The sleeping man was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Firefighters allegedly told the staff that if they weren’t called in time, the whole area could have caught on fire.

Yael Cole-Slagter, SQR director of operations, received an email from Kentish Town Fire Station expressing their gratitude.

In the email, station officer Victoria Archer said: “This was a very brave and courageous act and without a doubt saved the man’s life.”

Mr Arustei said: “I don’t think I’m a hero, just there at the right time and right place to help the man in danger.”

It is believed that the fire could have been caused by a charging cable and it could have been accelerated from a small gas heater inside the vehicle.