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Top 200 Most Popular Baby Names In The UK For 2023

While some baby names become less popular over time, others grow in popularity, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further.

You don’t have to be at a point where you’re trying to name a baby yourself to have an interest in the most popular names.

Whether you’re trying to come up with a name for a baby in your family or you’re just curious about the names that are popular this year, we have the list for you.

The top 100 most popular baby names in the UK for 2023 for both boys and girls have been listed by UK Baby Names – let’s take a look.

Need baby name inspiration? Look no further (Image: Canva)

UK Baby Names has listed the names after looking at the official UK statistics for births that took place in 2022.

Top 100 popular baby names for girls Olivia Amelia Isla Ava Ivy Freya Lily Florence Mia Willow Rosie Sophia Isabella Grace Daisy Sienna Poppy Elsie Emily Ella Evelyn Phoebe Sofia Evie Charlotte Harper Millie Matilda Maya Sophie Alice Emilia Isabelle Ruby Luna Maisie Aria Penelope Mila Bonnie Eva Hallie Eliza Ada Violet Esme Arabella Imogen Jessica Delilah Lottie Chloe Thea Layla Eleanor Aurora Margot Mabel Erin Elizabeth Emma Scarlett Harriet Lola Nancy Orla Ayla Rose Zara Iris Robyn Bella Molly Olive Maria Lyla Maeve Ellie Gracie Lyra Darcie Maryam Edith Heidi Lucy Myla Amelie Amber Hannah Summer Eden Jasmine Elodie Clara Holly Lilly Anna Lara Beatrice Sara Baby names change in popularity and these are the 200 most popular for 2023 (Image: Canva)

Top 100 popular baby names for boys Noah Oliver George Arthur Muhammad Leo Harry Oscar Archie Henry Theodore Freddie Jack Charlie Theo Alfie Jacob Thomas Finley Arlo William Lucas Roman Tommy Isaac Teddy Alexander Luca Edward James Joshua Albie Elijah Max Mohammed Reuben Mason Sebastian Rory Jude Louie Benjamin Ethan Adam Hugo Joseph Reggie Ronnie Harrison Louis Ezra Jaxon Logan Daniel Zachary Samuel Dylan Albert Hudson Hunter Frederick David Rowan Jesse Frankie Toby Oakley Grayson Carter Riley Felix Finn Bobby Blake Sonny Caleb Michael Gabriel Jasper Alfred Otis Stanley Mohammad Milo Ralph Liam Chester Ellis Elliot Brody Charles Kai Rupert Yusuf Harvey Ollie Jackson Tobias Nathan Myles Are any of these baby names among your favourites? Let us know in the comments.