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Train Strike Dates: RMT Announces Fresh Strikes Amid Pay Dispute

Rail workers are to stage a fresh series of strikes next month, Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union announced.

The announcement follows a long-running dispute over pay, jobs and conditions.

The union accused employers of refusing to put any new offers on the table in a statement on Thursday.

When are the new train strikes in March and April? Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) will walk out on March 16, 18 and 20, and April 1, at 14 train operators.

The union’s members at Network Rail will strike on March 16 and will then launch a ban on overtime.

40,000 workers from across Network Rail and 14 other train operators are represented by RMT.

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— RMT (@RMTunion) February 16, 2023 Last week, the union rejected offers from employers since “they did not meet the needs of members on pay, job security or working conditions”.

A statement from RMT reads: “Rail workers will now launch a programme of strike action and Network Rail members will commence an overtime ban effecting maintenance and operations work.

RMT is seeking an unconditional offer from rail operators and Network Rail.”

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch commented: “Rail employers are not being given a fresh mandate by the government to offer our members a new deal on pay, conditions and job security.

“Therefore, our members will now take sustained and targeted industrial action over the next few months.

“The government can settle this dispute easily by unshackling the rail companies.

“However, its stubborn refusal to do so will now mean more strike action across the railway network and a very disruptive overtime ban.

“Ministers cannot continue to sit on their hands hoping this dispute will go away as our members are fully prepared to fight tooth and nail for a negotiated settlement in the months ahead.”

Tim Shoveller, Network Rail chief negotiator, said: “The RMT’s leadership has shown its true colours by choosing politics over people. During months of talks we have made multiple concessions, compromises and offers in our determination to secure a deal.

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“Thousands of employees are telling us they want the improved offer that we have tabled, an offer worth at least 9% over two years – rising to over 14% for the lowest paid, provides job security with no compulsory redundancies and 75% discounted rail travel.

“But instead of offering members a democratic vote with a referendum, the RMT leadership is hiding behind a sham ‘consultation’.

“Further strikes will disrupt passengers and cost employees money – while changing nothing as our package of very modest reforms continues.

“The RMT is well aware of the precarious position of the railway’s finances, with no more money to offer more.

“Their action is condemning us all to a long and drawn-out dispute with no obvious end in sight, and is only harming the very industry and people it claims to be here to protect.”