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Watch: The Moment Meteor Falls From The Sky Above Grimsby

Footage has revealed the extraordinary moment a meteor appears to crash down from the sky above the UK.

Hayley Jensen, 35, captured the footage of the fireball on her doorbell camera on Sunday morning.

The meteor can be seen hurtling through the sky at around 5am.

Hayley was leaving her Grimsby home on her way to a car boot sale when she spotted a bright flashing light in the sky.

When she checked the footage from her doorbell camera, she was shocked to see a fiery meteor speeding over the rooftops.

The mum-of-one said: “It lasted about three seconds. At first I thought it was a firework but it was just a huge ball of light.

“It was orange and left a smoke trail behind it.

“I really couldn’t believe it if I’m honest. We’d just left the house and were on our way to the car boot sale when we saw it.

“When we got to the car boot sale I was really hyped up. I jumped out the car and said to other people ‘Did you see it?’

“No one else had seen it but when I got home in the afternoon I checked my CCTV.

“When I saw it on screen I was screaming ‘Oh my god, I’ve actually got it on CCTV’.”

Hayley posted the video on Facebook and asked others if they had witnessed the meteor.

She said: “No one else in Grimsby had seen it but someone in Middlesborough said they’d seen it about a minute after me.

“I’ve seen shooting stars before because me and my daughter sometimes lie in the back garden and look for them.

“We’ve seen a few before but this was nothing like a shooting star.

“The video was absolutely amazing, but seeing it with my naked eye was even more amazing.

“I’ve seen people commenting to say it must have been big for it to come through on the video.”