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Water Bowl Hack That Cleans An Entire Oven In 20 Minutes

It’s one of the most dreaded tasks we have to do – cleaning the oven.

The task itself can be difficult and all comes down to a number of factors. How long you leave it (or what you’ve cooked inside). It can either take forever – done well – or be a quick job.

The latter is rare, however, as stains inside an oven can really take a nasty hold and get even worse deeper inside.

Now though, a neat trick has been suggested by a lifestyle group that can have your oven sparkling in just minutes.

Fire prevention week is all about cooking safety. Here is an important reminder to keep your stovetop, oven and burners clean to prevent fires! #firepreventionweek #firesafety #fireprotection

โ€” Fire Protection Blog (@BlogFirePro) October 13, 2023 Least popular household chores According to, these are the least popular household chores:

Cleaning the oven Cleaning the windows Washing the car Cleaning the bathroom Weeding Changing the bedsheets Mopping Ironing Mowing the lawn Folding the laundry How you can reduce your energy bills As well as using the best oven cleaner for a deep clean, you can try using a bowl of hot water.

The trick is super simple to complete. Once you’ve finished cooking, turn the temperature up to a high heat and place an oven-proof bowl or dish of hot water inside.

The steam is supposed to loosen dirt, grease, and grime in your oven, doing the hard work for you. Leave the bowl inside for between 20 minutes to one hour.

Then, once the oven has cooled, you should be able to wipe the oven’s surfaces clean pretty easily.

As for how to clean oven racks โ€“ which, we’d argue, is even more of a faff than cleaning the interior โ€“ there are various methods to try. Whether you soak them in the bath or use bicarbonate of soda, it’s always a fiddly job.

Other oven-cleaning hacks to try include using an oven liner to line the base of your oven. This will stop crumbs and burnt food from collecting on the bottom. A boring but effective tip is to remember to give it a quick clean after every use.