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What Are The Benefits of Getting an MBE?


Anyone is eligible for an MBE in the event that they meet the required requirements for Queen’s honour.

An MBE award may be presented for any kind of achievements, however, it is typically awarded to recognize accomplishments in the community or for the community “hands-on” service that has served as an example for other people.

The BEM (British Empire Medal) may also be awarded for sustained local accomplishments or work with high-impact that is of a shorter time.

If you suggest someone to be awarded an award, it’s not required to state your name or the person you are recommending in your nomination since the award will be determined by the committee that will be judging the nomination.

Examples of people with the MBE include:

Sandbach Teacher at Sandbach John Lonsdale was recognised with an MBE for his contributions to the education sector.

Tamara Heber-Percy as well as James Lohan, founders of hotelgroup MR & Mrs Smith received MBEs for their contributions to the industry.

Martin Myers, clinical director of pathology and consultant biochemist clinical of The Royal Preston Hospital received an MBE for his services to Healthcare Science

How do I nominate someone to be an MBE?

In order to make a nomination for MBE you must inform your Honours and Appointments Secretariat all about the nominee’s achievements and achievements in a formal nomination form. It is also necessary to submit at least two additional letters in support of your nomination. However, we recommend between five and fifteen letters.

We can assist you in recommending people for an MBE or other Queen’s Honour award, by professionally managing the entire nominating process for you.

A nomination for an honor is not able to be repeated year on year until the desired outcome is attained. If your nomination fails, you can’t re-nominate before at least two years have passed, and after that, the nomination has to be able to demonstrate a significant change from the original in order to be considered.

We will ensure that your nomination stands the best chances of getting the correct result right from the beginning.

How do I get an MBE?

You aren’t able to apply for an MBE You can only be considered to receive An MBE through someone else, for instance, someone close to you, a relative or someone else who wants to have their achievements officially acknowledged with a Queen’s Honour.

If you would like someone to nominate you, they may make it themselves or may enlist the assistance of a company to collect each of the proofs, information and materials for the nomination, and offer it the greatest chances of success. We’ve probably written more nominations that were successful than any other company anywhere else.

When is the best time to submit a MBE nomination?

When you can! Honors nominated for MBEs are accepted throughout the year. The honours selection process requires a consideration time between 12 and 18 months following the the date of receipt of your nomination and the person who is nominated must be active in the organization that they have been selected, which is why it is essential to submit your nomination on the list in the earliest time possible.

Many people put off the decision to present their candidature and then are dissatisfied when an unexpected delay or change hinders their nominee from receiving the recognition they deserve.

Any additional achievements that the nominee makes during the review process could be added to an current nomination in the future and you shouldn’t hold off on your nomination due to waiting for your project to be completed or until the person you nominate is retired or may not be awarded the prize they merit!


There are various honors committees which can be used to evaluate nominations for particular types of accomplishment and work (for for instance education, health or economics) as well as the principal Honours Committee who review all kinds of honours nominated.

The committees are comprised of experts who are independent and senior civil servants. they are the ones who determine whether someone is worthy of the distinction of an MBE, OBE, CBE or a damehood, knighthood, or.

What should a nomination for A MBE LOOK LIKE?

A MBE nomination must accurately and convincingly inform honours committees about the nominee’s responsibilities accomplishments, contributions and achievements.

A nomination accomplishes exactly this keeping an solid, factual and convincing method at all times.

What are the advantages of GETTING an MBE?

A lot of nominees have stated that receiving an MBE to recognize their efforts has brought a huge difference to the work they’re doing as well as their lives:

An MBE will bring much-needed positive publicity for the charity of the nominee’s choice, profession, or community effort which allows them to build upon their accomplishments and contribute more to the community.
An increased profile for oneself and improved reputation is appreciated by many people who have the MBE award.
MBE recipients can benefit from greater trust and respect, as well as acceptance of their work, ideas and projects.
Inviting new opportunities for personal or business is another reason to consider getting an MBE.

Does the nominee have to reside in the UK?

To be considered for nomination to an MBE the nominee has to have gone beyond the boundaries of their community or work and helped others by their accomplishments, regardless of where they are.

Non-UK citizens may be considered as a symbol of honor for their work in the UK.

UK citizens can be praised for their achievements, whether they are beneficial to UK citizens in the UK at home or in other countries, or if they contribute to the UK by their activities.

Candidates living in other countries are eligible to be considered for nomination by the Foreign Secretary’s Overseas List. The list consists of awards awarded to UK citizens as well as citizens of the Commonwealth country in which Queen Elizabeth is the head of state.

Nominations can be given for achievements in the field of professional such as business achievements or personal achievements, as well as and volunteer or charitable activities in short, anything that shows a positive impact and influence on colleagues as well as the society in general.


About 2 000 people receive an MBE each year!

MBE awards are presented two times a year: during the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June and in the New Year’s Honours List on the 1st of January.

MBE recipient are then asked to an investiture ceremony, either Buckingham Palace or one of the Royal houses at which they receive the MBE medal from Queen Elizabeth II or her official representative from The Royal Family.

What is the main difference between the QUEEN’S HONOUR LEVELS; MBE, OBE, CBE, KBE, DBE?

If you are making a nomination, it is not required to state the degree of respect you believe the nominee is deserving of. It is helpful to determine the type of honor they might be eligible in the following categories:

In the end, levels are often deemed in accordance with the extent of the nominee’s work as well as achievements, as an example, BEM and MBE are awards that BEM as well as the MBE are typically given for hands-on, local achievement. The OBE and CBE are usually recognized for accomplishments and efforts which have had a larger effect on our society. such as or influencing an sector, profession, or country; and a knighthood or damehood is considered to be the highest award awarded for the most impactful influence, like the impact of an inspirational persona on an industry, profession or nation, or on a an organization that is charitable.

Will a criminal record affect A NOMINATION?

A criminal record does not stop a person from being eligible to receive an MBE or other tier of honor, as it is not an unresolved issue.

The way the nominee has transformed their lives and utilized their experiences to benefit others could be a fantastic nomination. There are plenty of instances of people who have achieved that and then went onto receive an award for their efforts.