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6 benefits of sanding wood floors

It is possible to wonder whether the effort and cost of sanding your floors is worthy of the time and effort. When you decide on sanding wood floors in your home is definitely worthy of the time and effort. If you’re a homeowner, this is among the simplest home improvement projects that you can undertake.

Removes the signs of wear and Tear

As time passes by, the beautiful hardwood floors will begin to appear worn. Furniture that moves through the floors, the countless amounts of people walking on the floor, as well as the temperatures that fluctuate over time can ruin the shine, and make the floors appear aged and worn out.

The great thing about flooring is it is able to be sealed and sanded so that the boards look just as great as they looked when they initially installed. Laminate flooring mimics the look of hardwood, however when laminate wears out, it has to be replaced. When hardwood wears out, it is just a matter of tender attention.

Reduces the Pests within Your Home

Bugs tend to build their homes in the gaps between flooring boards. These critters can invade your home if you allow the floorboards to wear out and develop gaps between them. If you sand your floor, then cover it with a shiny, protective coating, you seal the gaps in the floor and insects are unable to enter into your home.

Reduces the chance of splinters.

As the protective finish gets worn off by the floorboards the boards underneath may begin to shatter. Splinters could end up in your feetor your children’s play on the flooring. Sanding removes the splinters. Then, when you put the shine coating on the boards, you stop splinters from forming.

It makes it easier to Clean

If your hardwood floors are treated with sanding and an excellent sealer, dust and dirt do not build up on them or adhere to them as readily as they do after the luster wears off. It’s more simple to keep floors spotless when they are clean and sealed.

Enhances the durability of the floors

As the wood flooring you have as it ages, the boards begin to create spaces between them. The nails holding the boards down grow until the heads have a slight rise. This causes the floorboards to be uneven. If the floorboards are uneven, they are susceptible to being damaged caused by objects that pass through them. Even your feet may tear off a section of wood that is higher than the boards next to it.

This is also known as gouging.

If you are sanding your floors, you’ll be required to nail the nails in their proper places. After that, you will smooth the boards and remove any pieces that may be slightly raised. The gaps that may have formed between boards are filled and the strength of the whole floor will be enhanced.

Improves the value of the home

Hardwood floors can be an investment for your home. Beautiful hardwood floors can enhance the value of your house. If you are planning to sell your home, when the floors have worn with time, dull and shine, and have gap between them then the value of your home is likely to be diminished instead of being increased.

Overall, sanding floors can bring elegance and value back into the house, and we hope that this has given you useful tips to improve your home now.