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Advantages of motorised roof blinds

Shading professionals have taken on the latest technologies and have developed advanced techniques that make it simpler to control your draperies and blinds using automated home systems. There are many advantages to motorized window shades that operate perfectly with your home automation.

Find out more about the many advantages of motorised roof blinds Winchester below…

1. Wireless Operation

It is possible to control one shade or all shades in the room at only the press of a button. No longer will you have to struggle with wires, cables and cables or difficult to reach windows.

2. Perfect for remote areas

In contemporary interiors, blinds may be installed in difficult-to-access areas like skylights and high windows. Thus electric shades can be the best solution for those areas that are difficult to reach. In addition electric shades are the perfect solution for older people who struggle to operate their blinds at the window.

3. User-friendliness

With just one remote control, wall switch or an iPhone, you can easily control one shade or multiple blinds, setting each independently or using groups control systems.

4. Lower Energy Consumption

Making sure you have adequate insulation, cutting down on heat loss in the home as well as other factors have been an increasing need for homeowners who have increased their efforts to control their energy consumption better. Blinds that are motorized can aid in improving the efficiency of your energy use as well. With a home automation system, it’s simple to integrate the shades of your windows with smart thermostats to regulate the temperature of your indoor space before using your HVAC unit to manage the temperature of your room. The integration of a sun sensor in the home automation system means that your blinds will adjust their height or lower independently even when you’re not home.

5. Improve the value of a property

Homeowners looking to sell their houses might consider motorized shades to improve the value of their home. Motorized blinds today are highly sought-after by prospective buyers of homes due to their utility as well as their versatility and efficiency. They can also seamlessly sync with smart home devices.

6. Guard Your Privacy

Shades with rollers are a favorite of homeowners seeking increased privacy. If you live next to the neighbor’s property or you have your window facing to the road, then you are able to just press a button to lower shades at any point throughout the daylight hours.

7. Child At-Home

Motorized roller blinds mean no unattractive chain or cords hanging from your shades. More important, you can stop any attempts by your children or pet to get the blinds.

8. Solar Protection

Motorized shades can help ensure that your wood flooring, furniture and your television screens from damaging UV rays which could cause damage or fading. The blinds on your windows can be closed and automatically adjust even during the most severe time of the day.

9. Peace of mind and security

Through motorized blinds, you are able to control the blinds in your home when you’re not at home! This gives you more security when you’re at night and want to close your blinds or you are going on holiday and wish to appear as if you’re at home to stopping criminals. If you don’t program things, you can manage your windows and shades from your phone.

10. Automation of the home and BMS integration

Smart home appliances enhance the efficiency of your window blinds through communicating between Building Management Systems and all motorized shades within your home. It also increases the efficiency of your energy, security as well as convenience and control. Furthermore, home automation shades improve your comfort and peace of thought.