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How To Shop For A Coffee Table

The choice of a coffee table is among the most crucial, but frequently overlooked decorating choices you’ll need to make. They are usually placed in central locations and serve a useful purpose within a living area. Without the coffee table, where do we keep our favourite beverages, decor magazines remote controls, or iPhones?

A coffee table the element that gives living spaces the most personality. It usually holds personal items as well as decor accessories of the household owners, which reflect their personality.

Personally, I think that the coffee table is the 2nd most enjoyable aspect of designing the living space after choosing the sofa! From marble to recycled wood there are a myriad of interesting coffee table styles to pick from that it’s difficult to choose only one!

Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing the perfect furniture for your living room!

The choice of the right coffee Table

A coffee table must be proportional in relation to your sofa. As a guideline is that the table you choose to purchase ought to be at least one-half of the length of your sofa but not more than the sofa. A pleasant medium-sized coffee table with a length of three-fourths or two-thirds of the length is ideal.

The the height of your gold coffee table should be in line with the couch’s height with some inches.

Different types of coffee Tables

So , what kind of coffee table is the best you can get for the sofa? It is dependent on the type of sofa you own! If you have a conventional horizontal sofa, we suggest an rectangular or oval coffee table. If you have an L-shaped or sectional sofa, then we suggest using an oval or round coffee table that will fit perfectly. But, it is possible that you could certainly make it work following these guidelines if are really keen on a particular coffee table!

Coffee Table Forms

Here are the most popular designs of coffee tables that you can pick from:

Oval Coffee Tables

Oval coffee tables excel for balancing design and function. They encourage movement and provide plenty of space to store things on the top. There aren’t sharp edges here and oval tables are perfect for families with children!

Rectangular Coffee Tables

Rectangular tables are more contemporary and offer the greatest area of surface to work on.

Round Coffee Tables

A round table is very inviting for large families or guests who might want to sit around the table and watch a film. Put some floor poufs on the opposite side, and you’re ready for a party!

Square Tables Coffee Tables

Square coffee tables give an elegant and symmetrical design for your home. They’re the most practical shape for a coffee table and often have storage underneath the table.

Coffee Table Materials

The tables we love the most are typically made from marble or brass, wood or glass. Here are some suggestions for each of the materials.

Marble Coffee Tables

Coffee tables made of marble are among of the most sought-after tables for coffee around. It’s impossible to browse through Pinterest and Instagram without getting one! Marble is a substantial and costly coffee table material

Brass Coffee Tables

Coffee tables made of aged brass are a great way to add a vintage look to your living space.

Tables made of wood Tables

The wood coffee table is a fantastic option for homes with a farmhouse, or anyone looking to add the rustic country look to their living space.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables offer an elegant alternative for the table. They allows the sofa to attract more focus.

Mirrored Tables for Coffee Tables

Mirrored coffee tables can add an elegant touch to any living space.

Alternative Table Ideas for Coffee Table Ideas

There’s no need to adhere to the traditional table even if it’s not something you wish to. Many families prefer tables made of different objects or materials. Imagine a trunk that is old to use as a table for coffee or an item from a flea-market!

Take into consideration the ways you’ll decorate

Finally, you should think about how you would like to decorate your table before purchasing one. Are you looking to showcase your coffee table’s books? Do you want a photo album for your family? A tray for your coffee table? A bouquet of flowers? Candles? There are endless options but it’s fun to think about the layout in advance! Think about the colors you’d like to work with before making sure that everything goes together perfectly!

I hope that this article helped you make your decision on a coffee table a little more streamlined!