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Planning Your New Front Door

It is among the first things that a person notices and is remembered, and it is an excellent first impression. Along with giving your personal touch to the exterior of your house, you can replace your door to increase security for your home and energy efficiency, as well as reduce the noise level and improve the amount of natural sunlight.

You are preparing your New Front Door

When you are designing your new front door entryway You have the option whether to go with the style of the house or to create a distinct. Materials, door designs and fittings, fixtures, finishing and glazing all contribute to the final decision.

The most common recommendation is to go with the current style of the house. A striking Victorian front door decorated with a striking color could look stunning in a late nineteenth or early 20th century home, but the door will not be as appealing in a home constructed in the nineteen sixties or seventies.

Opting to contrast rather than complement can be difficult, but if executed with care it can make a stunning impression. Find a knowledgeable front door manufacturer you can trust and offers an excellent design service and will assist you in achieving the ideal balance.

Making an Entry

Removing the front door is an ideal moment to look into other improvements to your home. If the front entryway is covered by an outdoor porch, there could be a possibility for an inside and an outside door that gives you place to store coats, umbrellas , or shoes and also separating the living space from the entrance . This will not only make an excellent storage solution for the house, but is likely to improve security and reduce energy consumption too.

When the doors to the front is recessive moving it forward and to be flush with the house’s front will create more area and provide the opportunity to design flooring, levels and even the steps to the front of your door. Think about whether the manner in which the door opens to the left or right is ideal for you. Do you have to switch to a right-hand or left-hand door?

The most recent doors come with an array of styles, colors and materials that match both traditional and modern properties in addition to offering lower maintenance, improved security, more insulation, and lower energy costs. There are many alternatives, so it’ll aid in making an outline as a starting point to discuss your options with the door company. Make a few photos of what’s currently in place for a good guide.

Removing the front door of your home doesn’t require planning permission unless your house is listed or is located in a conservation zone. If the property you are leasing or leasehold, you should consult with the freeholder or management company prior to making the modification.

Front Door Materials

You might be amazed by the wide range of colors available in UPVC or composite doors since typically only the most common shades are listed. If you contact a reputable installer to design a specific color and finish, they are likely to deliver within a short time. Installation and production have greatly improved in recent years with a wide range of finishes, great security, and low maintenance along with heat and sound insulation.

Composite doors offer natural looking wood finishes that require virtually no maintenance and do not require painting. Composite doors offer the advantages of solid wood and UPVC and can be incredibly customizable in every aspect in their appearance. They are now a popular choice that provides a strong and sturdy design that is achieved by combining various materials. Composite doors are very robust, won’t get rotten or warp, and is highly robust to entry by force.

Doors made of solid timber are traditional. But, they don’t offer the same level of security or insulation that composites and uPVC provide. The older wooden doors with varnish aren’t the most suitable option if the doors face south and have exposed to the harsh sun. Doors made of wood are able to be varnished or painted but they are prone to warping, allowing in draughts and sagging in rainy weather. The timber door’s look to fade with time, and you’ll require maintenance.

Sunshine, rain, and winds that are prevalent are all factors to consider when considering replacing your front doors; the weather influences your the material you choose, as well as maintenance, and the likely lifespan that the front door will have. If the house is in the direction that rainy days are abound pick a top-quality front door and frame that has top-quality door seals.

A professional with experience in installing doors will be able to offer you good ideas for doors and details for your particular circumstance.


If the style that your entrance door has glass, your choice of glass will completely alter the appearance and feel of your front door. There are a variety glass that is clear or tinted stained and frosted glass that is that is available in double-glazed, single and triple-glazed designs.

It is also possible to create a striking statement using transom lights (which is the name given to an upper glass panel on the front door) Use an unglazed glass rectangle, fan shape, or even an ornamental pattern or house number. For a front door that is wide, you could also consider putting the thin sidelight window that is next to the door. Think about balancing elements such as the sunlight that comes from clear glass and the aesthetic and privacy of opaque or patterned glass.

If your front door faces north, this allows you to block the lower natural light , and also to include the area of glazing inside your home with double-glazed windows for energy efficiency. If you’ve suffered from condensation and/or water damage, it is recommended to consider double glazing. Energy Savings Trust advises that the energy efficient glazing will reduce condensation in the interior of the door.

Make sure that the front door is in line with the most recent standards of the minimum British Standards in respect of every aspect of glass, including security, thermal capability, and the safety characteristics, such as the nature of the force needed to break the glass , and the manner in which it breaks.

Glazing can add a new dimension to the design of your front entrance with nearly everything you can imagine, so make glazing an integral element of your design process.

Handles and Hinges

A reliable door provider can provide you with a range of fixtures and fittings , with the option to complement or create an interesting contrast. Ask your installer for advice with the best choices There are many options available.

You could decide to remove certain equipment and accessories from the doors. It is possible to place a doorbell on the frame for a more modern appearance. It is possible to choose that the mailbox doesn’t have to be a part of the door. For example in the case of a house with pets, you may want to put a mailbox outside the door. You can choose whether you would like a bigger handle for an ordinary door, and then pick the features like door hinges as well as draught strips and more. With the variety of furniture for doors available today, there is no need to compromise on style There is something to suit each and every circumstance.


There have been massive advances in security of doors in recent years , and it’s almost certain that a top-quality front door can enhance the security of your home and family’s overall well-being. These improvements are backed through the federal government’s Building Regulations Document Q which defines the security requirements regarding doorways (and windows).

As a minimum , anticipate doors to meet or exceed British Standard PAS24 and your insurance provider will require that locks are compliant with British Standard 3621. Any reputable door manufacturer or installer will be delighted to discuss what specifications the locks that they employ and the way security is included in their designs.

The best front door manufacturers offer additional levels of security to provide the homeowner a door that is as burglar-proof as is possible. Be aware that even a sturdy door can only be as strong as the quality of the frame as well as the quality of the door’s installation within the house. A well-constructed front door will effectively protect your home by using features like multi-point locks. They provide an excellent sense of security as you can hear the bolts closing on the sides, at the top and bottom of the door.

You can substitute the traditional surveillance hole with an exterior security camera as well as a smartphone application, which means you will know who is at your door at every morning or at night if you’re not at home. A front porch light that has passive infra-red (PIR) sensors will invite you and your guests to your house. To ensure security it is recommended to install the light near an upper part of your front entrance’s horizontal plane. This will ensure that the faces of visitors are illuminated from both sides rather than from behind so that they do not cast their faces in shadow.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

A great front door will help to retain heat inside your house. The efficiency of the insulation around the remainder of your home and double glazing can be affected if your front door is noisy or poorly sealed.

A part of the UK government’s efforts to improve energy efficiency , all doors have to be able to meet the standards of performance and awarded an ‘U’ number and are rated between ‘E’ and A++ depending on the material used for the frame as well as the glass. The UK government-approved competent person FENSA scheme recommends greater energy rating on windows or doors to reduce heating costs. It is the Energy Savings Trust, the independent authority in the UK, suggests that double-glazing a home can typically reduce PS115 from your monthly energy bill. To make the most of the savings check that the front door has at least similar to the energy efficiency of double glazing.

It’s not just about keeping your home warm during winter. Your home will be cooler during summer when you have a modern, well-insulated front door, which will help you save on the cost of energy all year. It is also possible that a new door will minimize noise, which can be especially beneficial if you live near traffic.

Thermo-efficient doors can will make the home more comfortable and at an economical and less environmental cost. Many companies are expressing concern about the impact on the environment they have created by their manufacturing methods. Good ones won’t be shy about asking what they’re doing to decrease their environmental footprint.


A quality entrance door can be an investment, and you generally get what you pay. Through the course of the ownership of your home, there is significant returns on the initial expense. A front door that is initially inexpensive will eventually need to cut costs using lower quality materials, manufacturing or installation that can alter the structure, insulation, and security.

A properly-designed front door installation will offer a solid protection against extremes of heat and cold as well as leaks and draughts and reduce energy costs. It could also provide modest savings due to the requirement for lower lighting and more efficient cooling , and maintenance.

It’s important to discuss your options and designs with an experienced door installer who is knowledgeable about the various types, materials, and installation concerns and be able to give feedback on the overall appearance of your home. We’ve all witnessed homes where a second look could have improved the look! If you do decide to relocate an apartment, a stylish front door with a well-designed entrance can improve the curbside appearance of your house.

A good door comes with a Warranties

Be sure to look for a solid 10 year guarantee. Equally important is to check the source or installer to ensure they have a track record and a solid customer service record The website Checkatrade is a great place to start with real-life reviews of customers’ satisfaction. Doing your research prior to buying helps to avoid issues from the beginning and unnecessary surprise charges at a later date. It’s also worthwhile check to see whether the door’s guarantee can be transferred to anyone who purchases your home.

Shopping for Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing people encounter and is sure to leave an impression. It’s safe to say that a new front door is more energy efficient, safer and durable, with minimal maintenance and will last for a long, trouble-free life. No matter if modern or period basic, decorative or plain either standard or over-sized and with bright or muted colors – there’s ever been so many options and the opportunity to make the perfect mix of design and features. Be patient, seek advice, expand your thoughts concerning the possibilities and you’ll have the perfect front door entrance you can admire with pride for years to come.