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Reasons Porcelain Paving Slabs Are The Best Option For Your Garden

Ideal to increase the size of your living space Paving is an excellent method of getting use of the space in your backyard! It doesn’t matter if you’re soaking up the sun with your buddies and family, cooking delicious meals at the grill, playing some games of cards over an ice cold drink or having an outdoor cinema evening, or just enjoying your morning coffee outdoors pavers let you enjoy the full potential of your garden!

In the past when it came to creating a seating area, we were left with only one option: go for the boring, ugly concrete slabs and our slippery, high-maintenance decking. However, the things have changed! Because of the amazing advancements in technology that have made porcelain paving the most popular choice for putting together a beautiful outdoor space.

Why are porcelain slabs superior to their concrete counterparts or decking in general? Here are four advantages…

1.) Dozens of stunning styles

Concrete slabs traditionally (also known as decking) are available with a glum appearance the porcelain paving slabs come with an engraved surface that allows for hundreds of design possibilities , from beautiful marbles to natural slate to warm and rustic. It is possible to create any look that you prefer, whether you’re looking for a bright and lively garden space or a more sophisticated dark wine-drinking area.

2.) Easy maintenance and simple to clean

The traditional concrete slabs are famous for their ability to absorb moisture and dirt. They are quickly discoloured and ugly and require hours of scrubs and jet-washing. Porcelain paving however, is extremely porous, making it much simpler to clean offering the garden that low-maintenance space you’ve always wanted!

3.) Durable and long lasting

Porcelain is widely known as extremely durable and with the majority all of the porcelain slabs we offer coming at around 20mm thick They are extremely sturdy. While concrete slabs of the traditional kind are notorious for chipping and cracking with time, porcelain paving slabs stand the test of time in all their beauty and give you that freshly-installed appearance every year.

4) Grippy underfoot

Outdoor flooring is typically slippery when wet (whether you’re dealing in treacherous concrete or dangerous decking) the paving slabs made of porcelain are specially made with an anti-slip finish in order to provide security. You can find the anti-slip finish on all of our pages for products.

You’ve got it – four reasons why porcelain paver slabs are the best option for your outdoor space!